Home Decorating Secrets, Tips and Tricks For Renters.

                      from the couch of Bronnie B

Home Decorating Secrets is a web site following my journey of living in and decorating a rental property in Melbourne, Australia. 

I understand the frustrations of living in a rental, the horrible old bathrooms, walls with water dampness, painted walls in colours you wouldn't dream of, kids who want murals in their rooms (which can't be painted) and the list goes on.

On my journey as a renter I am discovering all sorts of ideas that can be used to turn a 'rental house' into a home you can be proud of, this web site is a sharing of those ideas.

The number one tip: Is never give up and always try and think outside the box. 

Renters Share

Renters Share: Is a new page I have just begun. Most of my friends own their own home, so it is difficult to really share ideas as I cannot change anything structurally.

I would really love to include and share other renters stories.

So Renters around the world let's share ideas, let me know of positives and negatives in your home and what you have done to fix those frustrating areas. 

Tip 1
  Reuse, Recycle, Refurbish

'Don't throw away!' that old chest of drawers......repaint it and make it into a unique, original furniture item. What I like to term 'furniture - art'. These before & after ideas will help kick start your own ideas. 

Tip 2: DIY Crafts

Craft Ideas are a super way to add personality to your home. Check out some cool projects involving wooden bowls (like those below), making mirrors for kids rooms, lampshade ideas, make your own funky colourful drink coasters, add a cork noticeboard to a wall.

Wooden Bowls + Paint = WOW!!!

Tip 3 Make Your Own Wall Art

Recycled Wall Art Ideas
a great way to add personality and life to your walls. Wall art can involve creating your own canvas art, using coffee bags, wall stickers etc Or what about this idea -
using recycled coffee bags?

Tip 4 Bedroom Ideas For Kids

Kids Bedroom Ideas - Are you tired of tripping over girls stuffed animals? I know I am, have a look at this nifty idea, get them off the floor and onto the wall. Hurray!

Tip 5  Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas- A year ago I was renting an old house with a very small, grubby, difficult to make nice bathroom. With a bit of creativity I managed to add colour and make it into a 'funky' bathroom. Have a look and let me know what you think?

Tip 6
Organising Clutter

This is a universal problem no matter whether you rent or not, click on Home Organisation Tips for a few ideas for getting organised. 

I hope you enjoy browsing this web site, if there is anything you would like to see, or a problem you have that you would like an idea on, send me an email. I would love to hear from you.

Cheers for now
                                         Bronnie B

Motto: Lets walk together and embrace the positives and challenges of being a renter. 

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 Don't throw out that old chest of drawers!!!!

Make it new again!

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