Home Decorating Secrets, Tips and Tricks For Renters.

What is home decorating secrets all about and how does it differ from other home decorating web sites? 

Home Decorating Secrets is a web site devoted to helping renters with decorating ideas, solving common problems and finding products which make our lives easier and which do not harm the structure of a rental home.

Who Am I?

My name is Bronnie and I am a renter who has been in various rental homes for the last 20 years.  If you rent as well you have probably experienced the same frustrations as I have, how do you create a vibrant home out of a rental house or apartment, when you often can't paint or make any structural changes.

  • How do you cope with wardrobes that don't work properly?
  • With bathrooms that are old, small and falling apart? 
  • What can I do to brighten my walls? 
  • How can I give my kids the room they have always dreamt of?

I figured that with the rising population and the increasing high costs of owning a home, there will be more and more of us who will rent. 

My aim with home decorating secrets is to share ideas and help each other create beautiful homes we can enjoy.

Join me on my journey as I show you step by step the many tips and tricks I have discovered.

Home Decorating Secrets Tip 1- Wall Art Ideas

 This is a great tip and trick as Wall art is a quick way to add personality to walls and rooms as well as adding colour and life. Wall art can come in many different forms from: Canvases, stickers, fabric, kids pictures, chalkboards, posters, flags etc

Canvas Wall Art can be expensive, but not if you make your own. 

Wall Art can be as simple as displaying your children's colourful, bright school pictures.

Love To Create A Mural? Make this mural using fabric and homemade spray starch.

Make your own kids colourful chalkboard, stick onto your walls using removable 'Commando Hooks'.

Always keep your eyes open, my favourite coffee shop was selling these used coffee bags. I recycled them into canvas wall art.

Wall Stickers are always a great way to decorate rental walls. 

Home Decorating Secrets Tip 2: Do Not Be Discouraged!

Treat it as a personal challenge; think outside the box as they say, and see what amazing ideas you can think of. Share your ideas on this web site, and together we can all work to help other renters feel encouraged to re-look at their homes, we can share and draw inspiration from one another.

Being a renter, being on a budget does not need to stop us from also having wonderful, inspiring home decorated rooms.

Fellow Renters Unite!

If you are a renter I would love to hear from you, send me an email, click on the 'Renters Unite' page or Facebook me using the comments section below. I would love to hear about your ideas and draw inspiration from your trials and tribulations. 

If you need inspiration and ideas to decorate your home, you have come to the right place.

Lets walk together and embrace the positives and challenges of being a renter.