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Hi and welcome to Home Decorating Secrets. My name is Bronnie, I am a primary school relief teacher, an Aussie country girl and I am passionate about sharing home decorating ideas with other renters. I love my family, reading, farm life, toasting marshmallows over an open fire, walking in the rain, bike riding, playing around with objects and paint as a mixed media artist and I am inspired by people who are positive and have a never give up attitude.

As a child and now as a decorator and artist I have always loved colour. I can remember being a teenager and wearing multicoloured capri pants, bright yellow shoes and t-shirts. Colour makes me feel joyful and happy. I have also always loved the idea of recycling and rummaging through opportunity shops, garage sales, ebay and altering old furniture and making it new again.

As a married adult I always thought I would own our own home, and as such I bought decorating magazines, cut out articles I loved, and waited, and waited and waited…..I also ate lots and lots of chocolate.  (refers to a rather amusing poem I found in England while backpacking around Dartmoor)

One day as I was flicking through a 'Better Homes and Gardens' magazine, I had a light bulb moment. Instead of moaning about not yet owning my own home I began to consider the idea of treating renting as a challenge! 

My Passion

So in 2011 I began putting together my ideas for a web site that would encourage, stimulate and share ideas with other renters. To me renting is not just about living in someone else's house, it is also about creating a home you can relax, feel happy, proud, joyful and safe in.

As an Aussie country girl at heart, I can appreciate the city and all it has to offer, but it is 'the wide brown land' that captures my heart. (Dorethy Mackellar summed up her love of the land in a well known Australian poem called 'My Country.)

I now (can you believe it, live in the city - I married a man who has no affinity with the country at all - there is no doubt about it, life can move in mysterious ways!) But I have a great hubby and two gorgeous daughters who both inspire, aggravate and bring total joy to my life. One is still in primary school and the other has just begun the huge adventure of secondary school.

My girls inspired my first attempts in rental home decorating. They wanted a room that was creative and full of fun. I had a wonderful time sourcing second hand furniture, updating old ikea furniture and finding out ways to create murals on walls; without marking them and removing paint.

I would probably say my decorating style is casual and relaxed, I mix old furniture with modern, I hang pictures and create displays that mean something special to me, whether it is shells from a beach holiday to pictures I have blown up, framed and hung on the walls. I have learnt you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to create a comfortable home. 

Another point I have learnt that if you do rent, it can be hard to stick with one particular decorating theme as often the room or the house just won't suit it. I have found it works to be flexible and adapt your ideas according to the house you are in.

Why A Web Site & An E-Business

To be honest I was not sure whether to blog or have a web site, by accident I googled home based businesses and as luck would have it, I clicked on a link leading me to a company called Site Build It. I loved the idea I could take my passion and turn it into a business.  I especially liked the idea of being able to work around my family. I choose to work as a relief teacher so I can still do the part time teaching that I love, but I can also say no to work, be an at home mum and then participate in the kids school sports days, be involved in the classroom and be there for them if they need me.

As I am closer now to 50yrs than 40, the idea of starting a business that could earn me passive income that could give me an active interest as well as financial help in retirement, was very appealing. I chose an e-business because the start up costs were so low, compared to starting up any other business and I loved the idea I could take something I love to do and turn it into something financially viable.

I think one of the best parts of creating this web site through Site Build It, is that it you can make it work around family and other work commitments. Last year I had a full year of study I had to do to keep my teaching degree, as well as that, I got a chance to teach full-time for 3 terms. It was a financial decision as much as a love of teaching. Needless to say not much got done on my web site. But 'Hurray!' it did not collapse, it was still there and amazingly my visitor numbers continued to increase.  This showed me just how well Site Build It's e-business plan works. 

My Advice To My Kids

If I can pass on just one thing I have learn't in my life to my kids, it would be to give any job a try, learn from it and keep moving on. If you have a passion, run with it and see what you can do with it. My working history has been many and varied; rouse-about, house-keeper, carer, factory worker, office receptionist, governess/jillaroo, teacher and mum. I may not have loved all my jobs, but I have learn't so much about people, myself, my passions and interests, and learnt many skills along the way.

SBI is more than just taking my passion; it has also given me computer and business skills and the ability to create and understand how a viable web site e business works. Most importantly I love what I do.

Well that's a little bit about me, why I love rental decorating and why I created this web site, I hope you enjoy browsing through the ideas, if you have any of your own, or would like to make a comment you can contact me through my 'Contact Me' or 'Renters Unite' page.

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Hi, thanks for coming by to check out my site, I hope you find these ideas helpful, and you can take your rental house and make it a comfortable, joyful home.

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Can you believe we have 9 guinea pigs! The girls love them all.

The girls and I love Dr Who, here we are dressed up for a Dr Who cinema experience. (A Dalek, River Song & Amy)