Art Project Ideas To Make Your Walls Sing!

Art Project Ideas aims to teach you some simple and easy tips and tricks to transform your walls from Bare to Stunning! These are do it yourself art projects that are fun, do not require great artistic know how, are great for the budget, will make your home unique and can be completed in a weekend.

Why Give Art A Go? Doing something artistic, even if it is something as simple as coloring in, is very relaxing, it allows the mind to still and allows the creative side of you to be released.

Children delight in art, they are not self conscious and have no preconceived ideas of what so called good art should be. They cut, paste, paint and take delight in their creative achievements.

As adults we become tensed, focussed on career and family and lose the ability to just let art flow.....we get too hung up about 'what makes good art'.

So take some time out..color with your kids, paint with them, create with them, bond, talkand allow yourself to relax and enjoy the experience. You may find another side to you, you never thought existed.

What Materials Do I Need?

You do not need to go out and buy expensive paints, canvas's and other equipment. When I create my art pieces I tend to use the mid priced paints, brushes and canvas's. Being a mixed media artistic means I am on the look out for beads, craft mirror glass, recycling keep your eyes peeled...

Want a list of possible artistic supplies Click Here.

Fun & Quirky Art Project Ideas

1. Fairy Coloring Sheets Wall Art.

This is a fun kids room wall art project the kids will enjoy as well.

kids room wall art, art project ideas

2. Canvas Pencil Mixed Media 1.

What is it about a new box of colored pencils...possibilities...

3. Canvas pencil mixed media 2.

This artistic piece continued my love of colored pencils.

art project ideas, large canvas art

4. Children's Art

These pictures are a combination of art completed at school and at home.

Click here to see what I did to add more impact!

kids framed wall art

5. Great Birthday Wall Art Idea.

Make a great 21st, 40th, 50th or 70th!

Recycled Art Project Ideas.

Using hessian coffee bags.
A cheap wall art idea!

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