A Bright, Colorful Beach Bedroom Decorating Idea.

This beach bedroom decorating idea came from the picture above. I was given this picture by my brother and I really love the colors, the way the artist has represented the beach with its characters playing beach cricket, the colorful beach houses and the turquoise water.

I decided to take the colors and create a beach book nook in my daughters bedroom.

Materials: a beach umbrella, a bed covering with a beach theme, yellow or blue carpet, fish/whale cut outs from craft/discount shops, paint, paint brushes, beach buckets in a variety of colors and sizes, collection of large shells ( can get them from discount/craft shops)wall stickers, fish or underwater chalkboard, beach mirror.

Beach Bedroom Decorating Idea: Book Nook Procedure:

1. Start with a clear room. I cleaned and tidied it up. You cannot see the bed but I placed a white bed spread on the bed. As the beach umbrella is quite bright I wanted to keep the bed neutral.

2. I got out our beach umbrella and placed it into an outdoor heavy metal umbrella stand. To keep it secure I placed rolled up newspaper pieces in the metal tube to stop the umbrella wobbling. I then found an old soft baby blanket in green and placed it around the metal stand so the kids could not hurt themselves.

3. I then searched through all our old beach towels and found two whose colors matched the umbrella. I placed a big european pillow into the middle of the towel, folded the towel edges around the pillow and tacked them into place. They made two lovely comfortable pillows for sitting on.

4. I placed the huge bear in the corner as I felt it would be a comfortable and cuddly leaning post for reading. To add a bit of humour I placed a couple of other bears dressed in old bathers and a life vest. (my daughter thought this was very funny!)

No Beach Towels? These towels would look great as cushions.....then use them at the beach.

5. I made two beach corkboard noticeboards and hung them on the wall using Command 3 M Velcro Hooks. The beach picture was placed on the wall behind the umbrella. (Unfortunately it cannot be seen from the picture.)

6. I searched through our garage and found 2 beach buckets, cleaned them and in one placed a few books and in the other a couple of water bottles.

7. Finally I placed a couple of large shells on the metal stand for decoration.

And There You Have It A Fun Colorful Beach Bedroom Decorating Idea: A Book Nook For Reading, Resting & Playing.

Other Beach Bedroom Decorating Ideas.

  • Organize your book case. Purchase a variety of large and small colorful beach buckets. Organize the kids toys, place in buckets and put on the shelves. A fun way to keep toys tidy.
  • On the floors you could put down a yellow (for sand) or green or blue rug (for sea water), depending on what colors your child likes.
  • Some furniture home wares stores e.g Ikea, Fantastic Furniture have round bath style mats in different colors. They could act as bubbles or different colored corals on the floor.
  • Add a few bright and colorful beach wall stickers.

Look For Some Unusual Accessories You Could Hang On Walls, Or Place In The Room.

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