Creating A Calm Beach Bedroom Design

A calm beach bedroom design uses the elements captured in this picture. All the shades of color are soft, and neutral. Whites, soft pinks, brown chair and floorboards. Nothing jars or interupts the serenity of the bedroom.

Peace and Calm Reign.

Steps To Getting A Neutral Beach bedroom Design.

  1. Paint furniture if it is the wrong color. If you are unsure about color, paint white....white goes with everything.
  2. Remove all colored accessories, pictures etc
  3. Place neutral bedding on bed, add sheets in whites and beiges if unsure.
  4. Decide on curtains, if they are wrong for your color scheme, remove. Add a pale color like rose pink or you could even use pale blue, green or yellow. (Depends on the colors you have decided on) Choose a floaty light see through fabric.
  5. Look through all your accessories and see whether you have anything that could go with your beach theme. If not buy some.
  6. Candles always go well with this theme. Purchase and place in clear glass holders or holders covered in rope twine.
  7. Choose a couple of pieces of wall art, it could be photo's you have taken, or calm neutral posters of the sand and sea.

Once you have the basics is the time to search out and add beach elements that continue the neutral palette theme.

I found this starfish picture in Bed, Bath & Table.

Locate white ornaments like this one, place on chest of draws or side tables.

Look for ornaments that have similar shades to the bedroom. E.g the red/pink coral takes the pink in the bedrooms curtains.

Add these large shells and rope coiled glass candle holders from Bed, Bath & Table and the neutral bedroom begins to come alive.

After furniture? Try adding a mixture of cane and wood. Great for a beach bedroom.

A calm beach bedroom design is pretty easy to accomplish. Just look for shades of brown, beige and white. From there you can add soft colors if that is your wish or add bright accessories to bright and make the room more alive. All depends on what you like and want to achieve.

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