Bedroom Organizing

Bedroom organising especially as it relates to Kids rooms is really important. Kids whether they are young or teenagers need space for all their belongings. 

An important tip is to get kids involved and excited by storage and room organization. I have always tried to encourage my kids to come up with ideas and to help with the tidying of their rooms.

Now at 10 and 13 they are really getting into trying to keep everything tidy ad having a special place to display their precious items.

If you have kids who really get into this, just remember let them go, even if they do things you wouldn't, to keep their interest they need to experiment, try, make mistakes and have another go.

If you give them room to experiment they will amaze you.

Bedroom Organizing Solutions

1. Have a variety of bookshelves and chests that work with both your room and your child. They need places for clothes but also places to store knick knacks.

Chests are great to store clothes, books and toys.

My teenager loves having a white shelf to display her special treasures.

This chest serves a duel purpose of having 3 shelves and 3 drawers.

My youngest spray painted this small shelf silver and uses it to display her special animals.

2. Organize drawers using Kitchen Storage solutions. These drawers are amazingly useful, I used 2 black ones to organize the drawer of my eldest daughter. There is space for her nail polish, hair accessories and sun glasses, everything is easy to see and find.

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