A Big Box Of Art Materials

Creating your own big box of art materials or in my case creating 3 boxes means you will have many different items to have fun with when you decide on an art project.

I have 3 boxes, not particularly tidy, I tend to just throw everything in and then search when I need something.You may decide on one big box, or you may have more than that, it all depends on your storage space.

A box can be anything....as you can see I have a cane box (from Ikea), an ordinary plastic box ( from Bunnings Hardware) and a large wooden box with 8 compartments (also from Ikea). Really you can get a box from anywhere. Some hardware stores even get rid of old boxes for free.

So What To Put In Your Box?

You can put any art and craft items into your big box of Art Materials. The following items are items I keep.....


I keep all my acrylic paints in one box.


I collect all sorts of paint brushes and place them in a cup or vase. Most of my brushes are cheap to medium priced.

Ribbons and Stickers are great to have in your big box of art materials. Take a boring plain tin can and give them the WOW! factor. Click on tincan decorating to find out how.


You can buy fantastic ribbons in discount stores. Most of these ribbons cost me about $2.00 to $2.50AU.


Stickers are great for decorating childrens books and for art and craft projects.

Cardboard Letters

Useful to have as you can use them in scrapbooking, on canvases, or even spell your childs name on their door. The big ones can be stuck on with BlueTack.


I love colored pencils and used these for my pencil canvas, a very easy art project. See colorful canvas art to see what I did.

Decorative Stickers & Beads

These are fun to stick on pictures, tincans etc The blue, red and white beads are sticky on the back and so are easy to use. Find them in discount stores.

White Cardboard Cut Outs

See flower door decoration ideas for a way to use the flower pot cutouts. The cutouts look lovely painted, but texta's would also work.

You can find these in discount stores and art and craft stores.


Stencils are great if drawing is not one of your skills. There are amazing array of stencils that can be found in hardware and art stores.


Having a variety of glue is both useful to fix things, and very useful for craft and art. One of the most useful glues is PVA a glue that dries clear when used. A glue gun is also a necessary item. I used it to stick shells on a lampshade. See decorating lamshades to see the end result.

Other useful glues include paper craft glues.

Painted Cutouts.

I love the variety of painted cutouts you can now purchase in discount and art/craft stores.

I used painted cutouts when I decorated mirrors for my children's rooms in mirror wall art.

Large & Small Wooden Images

These are fun to use as well as you can paint and decorate them yourself. You can find these in hardware, some craft stores and some materials stores like Lincraft and Spotlight.

These are just some of the items you can put into your art box, rather than go out and just buy items...a very expensive way to go, decide on an art activity, buy what you need and then put left overs in your art box for next time. In this way you will gradually build up your supplies.

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