Birthday Gifts For Husband, a 40th, a 70th....

Want a unique birthday gift?

Birthday gifts for husband, a wife, a sister, a brother, a good friend, a 40th, 50th or even a 70th can sometimes be difficult to find.

This birthday gift idea would make a unique gift the person could enjoy looking at and reading time after time.

What is it?

The gift is a unique wall art idea that could be enjoyed time and time again.

This birthday gifts for husband, 40th etc gift involves buying a newspaper from the day and year the person was born. The newspaper should also be from the persons correct birth state.

The newspapers are originals and enable the reader to relive the past from the day and date they were born. Looking back on a period of history, it makes fascinating reading to see what the politics of the day involved, the social commentary and for all those sports lovers, what was happening in the field of sport and who were the main players of the day.

What is the unique wall art idea?

I take the original paper and photocopy interesting political, social and sporting articles, any interesting ads, sort them out and place them on a piece of matt cardboard, stick them on and then frame the picture.

Why the wall art idea?

Why not just buy the newspaper and leave that as the present?

The paper itself makes a lovely and unique best personalised birthday gifts idea......BUT!

........most people once they have read and enjoyed the newspaper place it back into its acid free cover, put it onto a shelf, or into a cupboard and then forget about it.

When I organised this present for my brothers 40th, I wanted something more than that. I wanted him to be able to enjoy the gift for longer.

We can buy lots of interior wall decoration pieces from shops, most are similar and this birthday gifts for husband, 40th or other special occassion, I thought would give him:

  • a special personalised piece of wall art
  • the picture would look great on a wall
  • and most of all the present is special and unique to him.
  • he also gets to enjoy, read and keep the original newspaper.

Our aim with interior decorating is to make our rooms special, make them personal and unique to 'us'. I felt this would full fill this aim.

How I Created This Wall Art project.


  • a newspaper from the correct period. In this case 'The Australian' July 27th 1972.
  • PVA,
  • Thick Matt board in black,
  • scissors,
  • a simple black frame,
  • access to a photocopier.
  • Clear Matt Varnish.


1. I went online at, followed the instructions and chose the newspaper I was after. (The paper was yellowed and old looking but in pretty could condition)

2. I then went to office works and photocopied all the articles I liked and proceeded to cut them out and organize them.

I really enjoyed reading and cutting out articles related to 1972. It was a fascinating journey to the past. I included a few glimpses into the past below.

News: Horse racing was going to go metric.

News: 200,000 homes may not get colour TV.

Who's running the nation?

News: Latest luxury car: Datsun 250C GL.

'They can come and see me, I'm not going to see them!' Hawke.

News: 'We know what you want in an airline!' Ansett. (Now no longer operating)

News: Married couples should have to join an insurance scheme in case of divorce.

News: What were we watching on TV? 'F-Troop' 'Bellbird', 'This Day Tonight'

3. I then sorted out the cutouts, moved them around and decided on where to best place them.

4. I then stuck them down with PVA. When dry I varnished the poster with a clear varnish and framed it.

Decorating Tip 1:

You could make this interior wall decoration idea more personal by using different coloured backboard.

Red would look modern and funky!

Pink great for a feminine woman.

Blue, green, white etc there are many colors available, chose one to suit the person.

Decorating Tip 2.

Choose a different coloured frame. I chose black, but there was also, white, silver and brown.

Birthday Gifts For Husband....Ideas Tip:

This custom birthday gift idea could also be done for a belated wedding gift, anniversaries, corporate gift for a boss, 21st's.

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International residents: I think the postage costs would be prohibitive for me to send this this type of wall art. If you know of similar companies to Paperworld in Australia please also fill out the contact details page below, I could post the web address on this page for everyone to see.

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