Bookcase Decorating Ideas

Bookcase Decorating Ideas: Give Your Old Bookcase A Fresh New Look.

Don't throw your bookcase out! Often it can be revitalised with just a few simple budget decorating ideas.


  • flower contact bought from Bunnings approx $5.95
  • cleaning products
  • wooden flower cut outs bought from Bunnings
  • Chromacryl Green Light Paint
  • paintbrush
  • Blue Tack

What I Did

1. I began by removing all books, sorting them out and getting rid of any books that were two young and not being read any more.(I kept the ones I liked and was sentimental towards) I then cleaned the bookcase and got rid of any marks.

2. I then got sidetracked for a couple of hours. My daughters room was so untidy I could barely move. I also wanted to move the bookcase into another corner of my daughters room. I could not do that until I removed all the mess. (Kids and mess, it sure goes hand in hand)

3. 4 hours least the bookcase had enough drying time. I got out my contact and covered each of the shelves.

Once the free standing shelves were covered I covered the fixed shelves.

4. I painted the flower decorations and then stuck them to the top of the bookcase with Blue Tack. Blue Tack was great, it stuck the flowers to the bookcase really well, and I can remove them if the decor changes down the track.

5. Then came the fun part, putting everything together, sorting out display items and putting back all the books.

Budget decorating ideas like this are fun to do, there is a sense of achievement and a satisfaction in taking a piece of furniture and giving it a new lease of life.

This bookcase idea was easy, fun and cheap. The colors of the contact have given the room a lift, and the flower decorations add a 'brightness' to the room and the bookcase which was not there before.

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Finding contact I liked was the hardest part of the exercise. Bunnings only had a small range, Target & Big W pretty much nothing.

Amazon has some really lovely contact papers.

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