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Bronnie Brasch Designs is the shop part of my Home Decorating Secrets Web Site.

I love to reuse and recycle and come up with creative ways to add special home decor touches to my home. I get tired of seeing the same old furniture and home decor pieces from store to store. I also believe a home should be about adding your own personality. 

My Creative Philosophy

I just love to create! I also LOVE COLOUR so many of my furniture home decor pieces are very colourful and are reflective of a 'pop art' style. Sometimes they are abstract and some use geometric shapes. They would certainly add an original and highly unusual spot of colour to any room.

My recycled furniture pieces are very colourful and are reflective of an abstract style. Sometimes I use geometric shapes, sometimes stripes, lines and splashes of colour. Each piece is unique and original.

My concrete mushrooms are handcrafted and designed. Some are decorated with dots and abstract designs, some with the popular emoji designs. They are fun to put in bedrooms, living rooms or even in fairy gardens.

My concrete drink coasters are varied in colour and style. They have felt pads stuck underside for extra furniture protection.

My recycled wooden bowls are reflective of my love of simple dot design. I once spent a year on an outback cattle station and came into contact with many amazing aboriginal artists. I helped stretch canvases and saw the amazing Emily Kame Kngwarreye paintings up front. I loved her interesting abstract designs but was also spell bound by the artists like Johnny Kngwarreye who created such tiny dot work in their paintings. Inspired by their work, many of my wooden bowls and mushrooms have colourful dot work on them.

My Canvas paintings involve mixed media elements from texture paste to sea shells. They are colourful and abstract in nature.

Bronnie Brasch Designs - Shop Items

I know when I look at buying something unusual, I really love looking at what items have sold in the past as it helps give me an overall impression of an artists ideas. 

Therefore I have created 2 links. One will go to items sold and one to items currently available for sale. 

1. Shop Items- FOR SALE.

2. Shop Items- SOLD

3. Commissions

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