Budget Home Decorating Ideas:
Creating An Interesting Display Case

budget home decorating ideas, interior home decorating

Budget home decorating ideas will show you how you can create an interesting display in your home.

Making your home interesting is a cheap decorating trick that is easy to achieve. Have a look around, scrounge through old home wares you may have thrown into a box tossed into your garage, check through items or presents you may have been given.

With a bit of thought and a playing around you can create a great budget home decorating ideas display that will add interest to a room.

I was given this old display cabinate by my parents. One side of the cabinet is enclosed in wood, the other side in glass. Probably years ago, the other side would have been glass as well.
The top of the cabinet is also glass, so I have to be careful as the cabinet is quite fragile.

In this day and age of modern contemporary decor we do not really go in for display cabinets, but I love old furniture and it represents my family (I am a typical Cancerian) so I cannot bare to get rid of it. I also like to mix old and new furniture.

I actually really love the shape of the cabinet and the curved glass feature at one end of the cabinet and the fact it has history and a story.

But what to do with it? What to put in it?

I had a bit of a look round and found the following items I thought would work.

  • wine decanter we got for our wedding.
  • an old cracked glass decanter and small glasses given to me by my mum.
  • 2 x small metal ants my daughters gave me for a birthday.
  • an ordinary drinking glass
  • a branch of gumnuts I found when on our beach holiday.
  • Home decorating magazines I love to collect.
  • 'Maximus' my metal millipede, bought from my local arts and garden shop.
budget home decorating ideas, interior home decorating

What I did......

  • I began by cleaning the cabinet and polishing it up so it looked shiny.
  • I found a couple of cream placemats and put them inside the cabinet and placed the glass decanters on top of them.
  • I placed the gumnuts into the glass jar and placed it on top of the cabinet, slightly to the left.
  • The two metal ants I placed together next to the gumnuts, making sure the gumnuts and the ants were under the small picture hanging above the display case. Why? So the display appears balanced.
  • I placed my magazines in two piles and put them on the shelf underneath.
  • And dear old 'Maximus' was placed underneath.

This interior home decorating display came out quite well, I love the interplay of the different textures. Glass, shiny metal, rough brown metal, the depth of color and warmth of polished wood, paper magazines, the rough texture of the gumnuts and the smooth polished floorboards beneath.

This display was a great budget home decorating idea as it cost me nothing. I had all the items scattered around the house, it was just a matter of thinking and combining it all together.

It also shows how you can put togther items that are cheap, like the glass, the metal ants and the gumnuts; combine them with a lovely but old cabinet, throw in some modern magazines and a garden art scultpure and BINGO! An interesting display that works!

As long as the styles, colors and textures work together all elements will work and not look 'odd'.

This budget home decorating ideas display, showcases how putting together different textures creates interest and gives character to a room.

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