Cheap and Easy Decorating Ideas:
Tin Cans Uses

cheap and easy decorating ideas, tincan decorating

Tin can cheap and easy decorating ideas was born out of a way to recycle all the tin cans we seem to accumulate every week.

Why Recycle Tin Cans? It's great for the environment, tin cans offer a variety of funky cheap decorating ideas and thirdly they can add a metallic contemporary look to a room.

Start with removing the paper that surrounds the tin, click on tincan decorating for ideas on how to remove the paper and the underlying glue.

Utensil Holder

tincan uses

This cheap and easy decorating idea was born out of a desperation to put my cooking utensils somewhere. My utensils jug had just broken and I had them lying all over the place as there were no draws I could put them in.

I soaked the labels off 3 large fruit tins and gave them a bit of a scrub. I placed the three tins in a triangle formation, and put the utensils in them.

I found an old 'Stress Reduction: Bang Head Here' sign (appealed to my sense of humour at a time when we were moving house) and I thought it would work well sitting behind the tins.

I then bought some tin decoration squares - in the scrap booking section of Lincraft and using a glue gun, I glued them to the front of the tins.

This display shows that although some home decorating ideas need to have a practical element, you can still take the opportunity to indulge in a little creativity.

I think the silver mettallic color of the tins and decorative squares works really well and and gives a contemporary edge to the kitchen and stainless steel stove top.

Easter Present

cheap and easy decorating ideas

This is a fun tincan decorating idea that is useful and practical as well as fun. It makes a great easter present for a child.

This is also a fun craft activity for kids.

If you like this idea click onto tincan decorating and you will find out how you can decorate your own tin can.

Pencil Holder

cheap and easy decorating ideas, tin can decorating
cheap and easy decorating ideas, tincan decorating

Tin cans make great pencil, text holders. They can keep them sorted and organised. You could have a tin can for pencils, texta's, crayons, crayola's etc

As you can see you can decorate them to make them suitable for a boys desk - dinosaurs, bikes, boats etc or make them pretty in pink for a girls desk.

A Homemade Telephone

Punch a hole in the ends of two tins.

Thread a piece of string through one end of the first tin, knot so it cannot pull out. Take the other end of the string and thread and knot through the hole of the 2nd tincan.

One child holds one tincan up to their ear, the other child picks up the tin, walks a little way away and holds it to their can talk to each other. TIP: Make sure your piece of string is at least 3-4 metres long.

This is another one of those cheap and easy decorating ideas that will appeal to children.....also a fun activity showing them the science behind the telephone line.


Punch two holes into the ends of two tins.

Take one piece of string about 2 metres long, fold in half and thread the two ends though the 2 holes and knot tightly.

Repeat this again with the 2nd piece of string.

Children can place their foot on the tin and use the string to help keep their balance as they try to walk along.

Fun cheap and easy decorating ideas of this sort will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Plant Holders

Punch a hole into the ends of the tincan (for drainage) fill with soil and place herbs/small plants inside.

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