Make Your Own Cheap Beaded Curtain.

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This is a very easy cheap beaded curtain design. I was able to make it in about 2-3 hours.

Making your own contemporary modern curtains is fun and very satisfying. I saw this in a magazine years ago and always wanted to give it a go.

The reason I chose this curtain in my daughters bedroom is that it is quite dark and only receives the late afternoon sun. I wanted to let as much light in as possible.(She does have inside venetian blinds she can use if she wants privacy)

The backyard is very private so this make your own curtains style proved very effective.

Materials Required For This Cheap Beaded Curtain Design

Ribbon in 3 different shades of colour

Curtain Rod

Heart Shaped Mirror Glass

Oval Shaped Mirror Glass

Round Shaped Mirror Glass

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Ruler/Tape Measure

Procedure For Making A Beaded Curtain

1. Using your tape measure, measure the length from curtain rod to the end of your window sill and then add about 3-4 cm.

2.Cut lengths of ribbon to your measurements.

3. Take down your curtain rod and lie it on the table, then pick up your first piece of ribbon.

4.Wrap the end over the rod and using your glue gun place a dab of glue on the back of the ribbon, join the two pieces together. Make sure you glue the end of the ribbon to the back when the curtain is hung you cannot see the join.

5. Alternate the colours of your ribbon to suit your pattern, I had about 11 ribbons hanging from my curtain rod.

6. Now you have all your ribbons hanging from your curtain rod, it is time to organize and decide where you want to hang your mirror glass pieces.

7. All you have to do is basically glue the ribbon between the two pieces of mirror glass so the shiny the ribbon between the two pieces of mirror glass so the shiny part is facing front and back, with the two dulls sides glued together.

8. Start with e.g the oval pieces. Pick up two oval pieces and place a dob of glue on the back of one piece of mirror glass. Place it behind the ribbon, mirror side facing the table and ribbon sticking to the glue on top. Place other piece on top and push together.

9. Continue down the ribbon placing other mirror pieces. I placed about 6 pieces of mirror glass down each ribbon, this equates to 12 pieces per ribbon, as they are glued in two's.

10. Continue each ribbon, until all mirror glass pieces are glued on.

Cheap Beaded Curtain Tips 1.

I alternated my mirror glass, for example, oval (first piece of ribbon) heart,(second piece) round,(third piece) and then back to the start again.

I also staggered my mirror pieces so the glass pieces were not all in a row going across the ribbon, some were high up on the ribbon, some started lower.

Cheap Beaded Curtain Tip 2. I used shades of blue as my daughter wanted to create an under water effect, but try primary colours red, blue and yellow, these colours would look bright and funky.

Cheap Beaded Curtain Tip 3.

A really great colour scheme for teenagers would be black and white coloured ribbons.

Hope you found this beaded curtain idea fun and easy to do. I love the way they sparkle sending off sparkles of light in the late afternoon sun.

My daughter loves the curtain and the sparkles. If you liked this idea please give my Facebook Like button a press.

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