Creating Cheap Canvas Art Is Easy & Fun

Creating cheap canvas art requires no artistic knowledge or special skills. It is easy and fun to do and you can complete this simple project in one afternoon.

My aim with this home decor wall art project was to use some of my photo's to create interesting canvas art to go on a hallway wall.

I started by thinking I would go up to a Photo Imaging store and get them to put my image actually onto the canvas.

At the time there were no specials and it was going to cost a fair bit of money at least $30 a photo and I had 4 small photo's I wanted to do, as well as another project with 6 photo's.

NB: (If you want to put your photo's onto canvas the best way is to join an online club like 'Cudo' or 'Groupon' I have noticed they do have specials from time to time.)

So I went back to the drawing board, thought some more and decided I would stick my photo's onto the back of cheap canvas art boards bought from a discount store. The result ended up looking quite professional.

Cheap Canvas Art: The Lake Project.

Finding images for an activity like this is pretty easy, you could create a portrait wall of family and friends, an animal wall of favourite pets, a holiday wall, really the list is endless.

I decided to create a wall using images from a lake on my parents property. I wanted to break away from typical lake images. As I was walking around it I noticed the wind had pushed a lot of froth up along the edges. It created a lovely pattern, so although it was not particularly picturesque, the bubbles of water and froth fascinated me.


  • Small canvas art frames 5" x 7" ( $2.50 from local discount store)
  • PVA glue
  • Black paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Varnish
  • Heavy Book
  • Metal rular
  • Pencil
  • Sharp craft knife
  • Cutting mat


1. Measure & Cut Photo's.

I began by measuring the photo's against the canvas frame. I need to take 5mm off the length of the photo's, so I used my rular, measured and drew a line. I then used the metal rular and sharp cutting knife to cut off the edge. I did this with all 4 photo's.

2. Paint Canvas Frames

I like black as a color as it allows the photo's to really stand out. And as the color is neutral it does not detract from the photo's.

Paint the canvas frames. (I knew I would be sticking the photo to the canvas frame so decided not to waste my paint by painting the middle of the frames.) It will not hurt the overall process if you do paint the entire canvas.

Allow to dry, repaint if necessary.

3. Stick Photo's To Canvas Frame.

I brushed PVA glue onto the back of the photo and then stuck it down onto the black canvas frame making sure the photo was even around the edges.

4. Heavy Book Weight

Finally I placed a reasonably heavy book (Harry Potter was perfect in weight and size) and placed it onto the canvas frame for an hour or two. The weight helps to push the photo against the glue, making sure the whole photo sticks down perfectly.

5. Hanging.

Because I rent and cannot punch hooks into walls I decided to hang the photo's using Command 3M Wall Poster Velcro Hooks.

Stick the hooks onto the frame and push against the wall for 30 sec.
(Make sure you always follow the instructions before applying)

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