Cheap Decorating Ideas That Are Easy & Fun To Do.

I love cheap decorating ideas, the satisfaction of taking a cheap item and using it in an unusual way or recycling an old item and making it new again, is both satisfying and lots of fun.

All the following decorating ideas involve taking individual products that are old, in disrepair, cheap, or being thrown away and using them in a different way, repainting them or adding decorating accessories to make a new item.

I am a renter so these ideas require no structual changes to the home, everything you do can be taken with you when you leave.

These ideas are also useful for home owners who are on a tight can continue to decorate your home and have fun with interior decorating ideas.... and continue to save up for major changes at a later date.

Wall Decoration Ideas. The Wrapping Paper Bedroom.

wall decoration ideas, cheap decorating ideas

This is an easy peasy, fun and VERY CHEAP decorating idea. I was tired of my daughters room and wanted to brighten it up. I did not have much money at the time so went and bought a couple of rolls of brightly colored dot wrapping paper.

Click To Find Out How I Did It...

Tin Can Decorating: Practical & Decorative

Take one old fruit tincan, add some ribbon, and then stick on some cool & funky 3D stickers.

What can you use tincans for? Find out by clicking here on cheap and easy decorating ideas.

Hat Rack Stand. Cool And Funky

Rent? Can't screw hooks into your walls? Want some way to organize hats, scarves etc for a bedroom?

I decided to create a fun and funky wall hat stand for my eldest daughter. I created this from a wooden garden trellis. Discover how I did it........

Cheap Beaded Mirror Curtain. Sparkle And Light.

My elder daughter has a dark bedroom, so to lighten it I made a mirror curtain. Adds sparkle and colour to the room. Very Easy To Make!

Decorating Lampshades. Old - New...WOW!

decorating lampshades, cheap decorating ideas

This is a great recycling idea for old lampshades. I decorated this one with a beach theme.

Kids Room Wall Art  A Simple Wall Art Idea

A VERY simple idea using large coloring sheets and crayola's. My kids spent a rainy weekend happily colouring in the sheets. They were delighted to see them hung on the walls.

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