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Wooden Bowls + Paint = WOW!

Cheap Handpainted items can be really fun to make. They give an added touch to home decor and make your home look unique and special. They generally do not cost the earth to create and most ideas do not take up a lot of time and money. This particular project can be completed in a day depending on air temperature for paint to dry. 

One of my loves is painting old furniture to look really modern and funky. Unfortunately it can be quite big and cumbersome. Sometimes I want to paint something a little smaller.

One afternoon I was browsing my local charity shop when I discovered four lovely wooden bowls.......

Yay! Light bulb moment ......Why not paint them!!!!

Cheap Handpainted Items Project: Painting Wooden Bowls 


Wooden bowls, medium and fine sandpaper, tubes of paint, undercoat/sealer, varnish, paintbrushes

Step 1: Buy wooden bowls. These 4 bowls cost me $4 Australian. I was so chuffed at finding them I quite literally danced on the spot! Don't you love the curves? I thought they were beautiful!

Step 2: Give them a wipe over to remove any grease.

Step 3: Sand them back with medium sandpaper and then fine, this slightly scratches the surface to allow the undercoat/sealer to stick.

Step 3: Paint them with an undercoat/sealer - I left some of the wood peeping through as I liked the colour and thought it made a good contrast with the brown. I gave the bowls two undercoats.

Step 3: I choose my colours ( Porters Acrylic Paints) and created a simple dot design. I repainted each painted section twice as I liked the deeper colour. The dot work was done just once.

Step 4: Varnish with a clear enamel varnish for protection.

These bowls can be used for many things, putting necklaces/bracelets in, earrings, odd knick knacks. I have even put potato chips inside. But I wouldn't use them for liquid as it could damage them. If they get grubby just wipe them with a damp sponge.

So what did you think? I hope you give this project ago as it is really fun, I think the bowls look pretty cool and funky....what do you think?

Leave me a comment as I would love to know what you think of this project idea. 

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