Cheap Home Decorating: Use Terracotta Pots.

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This cheap home decorating idea uses small terracotta pots and a few accessories to create an interesting display for my kitchen.

Above my kitchen stove are a group of shelves with an empty space on top. BORING!

I thought I would create a display to add interest.

I searched through all my cupboards to see what little knick knacks I could find...if you are a magpie like me it is amazing what you can find.

I found all sorts of things I had been given, or bought back overseas. I sorted through everything and decided to go with:

a) a pewter pelican (I had actually bought as a present for someone and never given),

b) a ceramic pig with it's head in a trough..given to me years ago as a birthday present,

c) a funny little stone Asian monkey,

d) a strange little terracotta creature with holes in him I had picked up years ago when I was in Eastern Europe. I think you are meant to place incense sticks through his holes.

e) I also discovered some old woollen mill candlesticks I had bought back from England

f) and to top the back from England

f) and to top the display off a ceramic pot I had decorated years earlier, I loved the color and liked the way the green ivy leaves gave an extra dash of color to the collection.

As you can see a collection does not always have to be similar in what they are made out of, as long as there is a theme to your collection, it will work.

Although the pots and candlesticks do not have anything to do with animals, because they all have similar coloring I thought they would work together quite well.

What to do with them: I bought four sets of small terracotta pots with their bases from Bunnings for only about $5-$10. Cheap home decorating at its best!

1. Place the pots right way up and then put the base upside down so it sits on top of the pot.

2. Place your animals on top.

3. To balance the display I put the large pot in the middle of the shelf, and placed 2 pots on either side roughly equal distance apart.

4. Then I placed the two woolen mill candlesticks on either side.

A fun but effective diy decor project.

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