Cheap Wall Art
Creating A 'One Direction' Mural

So who of you out there loves the latest boy band 'One Direction' or has a son or daughter who does?

Having just finished creating my first project Removable Wall Art: Trees, I decided I would create another Cheap Wall Art Mural but this time using 'One Direction' Posters combined with fabric.

Both my daughters have fallen into raptures over 'One Direction' and their songs. They received a magazine recently and cut out pictures and stuck them to the there was no organization their walls looked pretty unorganized and ratty tatty. (see pic below)

One Direction Cheap Wall Art

I mentioned my idea of creating a removable wall art mural out of fabric and their posters and the girls both jumped for joy and thought it would be a fun idea.

This idea would also work for other bands, movie stars etc

This cheap wall art project would also work really well for dorm room decorating.

Read On And Create Your Own 'One Direction' Or Movie Star Wall.


  • Fabric in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Homemade Spray Starch Solution
  • Texta that can write on fabric
  • Scissors
  • One Direction Posters


  • I began by taking down the girls posters and shaping and cutting them to make them look visually better. Just by cutting around the boys heads and giving each piece of poster its own shape, makes them visually more exciting that conventional squares or rectangles.
  • I then sat down with the girls and asked them what words we could brainstorm and put around the posters:
  • They decided on: One Direction, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, sing, talented, cute, cool, pop music....
  • I drew letters for the words on the fabric, I did not worry about perfect letters, but if you would like your letters exact, then you will need to purchase a large stencil. Cut them out.
  • Using the Homemade Spray Starch Solution I wet the heading - One Direction letters and stuck them to the wall. As I stuck each letter up I dabbed it with a sponge to soak up the water that dripped down the wall.
  • Making sure the wall is dry I used Blue Tack to stick the One Direction Posters to the wall.
  • Then I wet the other word letters and stuck them to the wall. Just for fun I also included few music note symbols.

The top poster shows how you could create a horizontal mural above a window and the poster below shows how a vertical mural can look.

Hope you have fun with your own removable wall art creations. I would love to see your efforts, fill in the Invitation Form Below and show me what you come up with.

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