Cheap Wall Decor
 Blossoms & Butterflies Removable Wall Stickers.

Cheap wall decor in the form of peel and stick removable wall stickers are a fantastic way to decorate, update and create a new look for a bedroom.

They are easy to use; simply peel them away from the backing paper, decide where to place them, and stick them against the wall. If you make a mistake simply peel away from the wall and re-stick them.

The bedroom scene also shows the quirky little stepping stones I made for the bedroom. My daughter loves stepping on them to get to her bedroom. Click on how-to-make-stepping-stones to make your own.

I found this blossom tree sticker from a company located in Northland Shopping Centre, Melbourne. The tree section came in 3 parts, and the 50 plus blossom pieces are individually stuck on where ever you want them to go.

I wanted to create a fresh clean look so bought a white quilt cover with fresh green leaves as a contrast. It also fitted in with the tree theme my daughter was after.

I placed the tree behind the bed to make it look as though the tree was towering over the bed.

The second packet of removable wall stickers I found were tree stickers created out of different sized butterflies. Included was a black cat sitting on its haunches gazing up at the butterflies. I thought it added a bit of whimsy to the bedroom.

These removable stickers were fun to put up, they cost about $39.90 each. Not totally inexpensive but cheap when you think about paint or wallpaper.

The other great part about peel and stick removable wall stickers is that they are not messy to use, it probably took me about an hour, hour and half to create my look.

If you are interested in blossom wall stickers Amazon have some lovely wall stickers to choose from.

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