Classic Decorating A Bedroom

Classic decorating refers to a style of decorating that is usually sophisticated, elegant and formal. It is indicative of an era long ago.

The Classic look takes its cues from the decorating styles of the 17th and 18th century. For those book worms among us..think...Georgette Heyer and her delightful English Regency Romances.

A classic bedroom is soft, and romantic, it is a place where you can escape the cares of the day and relax, curl up with a good book and escape into serenity and peace.

A classic bedroom is elegant and old worldly.

Possible Materials For Classic Decorating A Bedroom.

Furniture: Brass or period style wooden bed, wooden period style wardrobe if required, period style side tables, chests etc, haberdashery stores often have budget wooden tables you can easy put together, drape with some lovely floral material, top with a piece of custom made glass and BANG!you have a lovely stylish side table suitable for a classic room. Make one for each side of the bed. Bookcase or cases small for personal reading,

Accessories: Small glass perfume bottles, silver picture frames, old fashioned 3 sided mirror for a dressing table would look fantastic, small vases of flowers, old fashioned silver backed brushes for dressing table, lace trimmed bed sheets etc

Floors: Rugs in Turkish/oriental style, if covering floorboards or plain carpet. If you already have a floral carpet try and use it's color scheme in your room style design.

Windows: Curtains long and sweeping tied back with tassels, hung from brass/wooden rods, blinds can be simple roller blinds trimmed with braid.

Fabrics: Such as silks, floral chintz, linens etc, Bed cover in appropriate print

Lighting: Lamps with classic delicate shades, if you have a chandelier it would lovely hanging from the ceiling

Walls: Paintings - flower or botanical prints, gilt mirrors,

Classic Bedroom 1

This is a simple modern classic bedroom.

In the classic look the bed is placed in the middle of the room. Part of creating a classic look is to make the room balanced . This has been done by making both sides of the bed look the same i.e lights and book nook.

The wall has been painted in a traditional burgundy colour, and the pictures on the wall are spaced evenly and hung in the middle of the bedroom.

A lovely simple classic room. (Photo courtesy of Flickr: Melody Song)

Classic Bedroom 2

A lovely soft romantic bedroom. The bed is period style and the bedding is understated. The wall lamps have simple shades that blend in with the white furniture and are placed evenly on either side of the bed. Small decorative ornaments are placed on the bedside table. Flowers in a simple vase (same shade as the bedding) are often a feature of a classic bedroom and finish the room off beautifully. (Photo courtesy of Flickr: girard312)

Classic Bedroom 3

This is a professionally designed bedroom, but I wanted to show you what a typical period style classic bedroom would look like.

The bed is a gorgeous dark wood 4 poster, the walls have an old fashioned flower wall paper and the chairs in the background are lovely and suit the period feel of the room.

The floorboards are warmed by a turkish style carpet on the floor which suits the classic period style.

The style is continued with the beautiful simple bed covering and window curtains are flowing and gently draped.

A really lovely period style classic bedroom. (Photo courtesy of Flickr: joby2007)

Classic Bedroom 4

A lovely gentle modern and simple bedroom.

The classic look has been achieved by placing the bed in the middle of the bedroom and having the same style bedside tables placed on either side of the bed. The lamps are the same and offer lovely soft light. The bed is beautifully co-ordinated with lovely pillows on the bed.

Small ornaments are placed on the bedside tables. A picture of simple photographs of a flower are placed above the bed. (Photo courtesy of Flickr: Canadian Veggie)

If you like the classic decorating style have a read below and get a few guidelines to creating your own classic bedroom.

Steps To Creating A Classic Bedroom

1. Start with the bed, if you have a period style wooden bed, that's great but do not worry if you have a normal 2 mattress bed, you can still use it.

In classic decorating, the bed is often the focus. So place bed in middle of major wall, with side tables on each side. The bed should be covered in a valance and doona (eiderdown) in chosen floral fabric.

Place one or two cushions in a plain contrast fabric on the bed for decoration.

2. If your windows have a pelmet and rods for hanging curtains, choose similar floral patten as your bed and hang the curtains. If you have a pelmet but cannot alter it - get your fabric and using velcro or two sided sticky fabric tape (often used for putting up hems if you don't like sewing) you can carefully velcro/stick your fabric to the fabric that is already there.

The same process applies to curtains if you do not have anywhere to store them. Hanging a soft white curtain near window will also give you privacy. Tassels can be used to tie back curtains.

If you rent use Commando Hooks for tassels to attach onto.

3. In the bedroom look for finely made furniture, nothing too heavy, or it could over power the room.

4. Lighting is soft and gentle, lamps with soft ruffled shades will look lovely on the side tables or even on the dressing table, if you have room.

5. Accessories can include small glass perfume bottles on the dressing table, crystal vases with small bunches of flowers, small oval silver frames look great, brass door knobs and fittings on draws make the look authentic.

6. Depending on the size of your bedroom, a fine chair, ottoman are useful features to have for putting clothes on, or just sitting in to relax.

7. If you have the ability, crystal chandeliers strike a beautiful look in the bedroom.

8. Walls can be adorned with botanical prints, maybe pictures of your family in gilt frames, flower pictures, landscapes etc

9. Small gilt traveling clocks are a great feature for a classic decorated bedroom, place one on your bedside table or dressing table.

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