Classic Dining Room Ideas

classic dining room ideas

Classic dining room ideas will show you some beautiful classic room style dining rooms and then give you simple room design tips for creating your own classic dining room.

What Is A Classic Room?

According to the Australian Oxford Dictionary the word 'classic' can have its meaning as 'of traditional and long established form or style."

In home decorating terms that means it is a style of decorating that keeps being handed down in various forms from generation to generation.

The styles referred to are usually Georgian (18th century) and Victorian (19th Century).

Classic Dining Room Ideas:

Classic dining rooms are decorated in a formal, orderly manner, they are sophisticated, elegant and remind one of era's long ago.

Walls are generally painted in plain rich colors: e.g creams, crimsons tones, shades of green etc.

Wallpapers will often be striped, trellis or bamboo designs.

Materials To Source For Walls: old picture frames, original or reproduction paintings (landscapes, still life, horse and hounds, animals),

Wooden or brass poles are used to hang either long sweeping patterned or plain curtains, they are often tied to the side with tassels.

Floors are either traditional wooden or fitted carpet. Carpets can either be plain or have a large decorative pattern on them.

If using rugs to cover floor boards or carpets should be the traditional Turkish, oriental style carpets with large patterns and muted colors.

Fabrics used in creating a classic room style include: rich velvets, damasks, silks, chintz, linen, tapestry or other woven fabrics.

Furniture used is generally of the period, dark and matches. Woods include mahogany, rosewood or cherry.

Wooden period style chairs would be matched with a large matching dining table along with matching sideboard and matching glass fronted cabinets for displaying decorative crockery.

Lighting is generally elaborate e.g chandeliers, wall sconces, shaded lamps, silver candlesticks,

Accessories:To complete your classic room style add accessories such as traditional landscape paintings in wood or gilded frames, large antique style gold mirrors, silver serving dishes, crystal decanters with sherry, brandy etc in them, crystal glasses on a silver tray, and vases of flowers dotted around the room, silver platters, china plates in floral patterns, wall plaques, gilt edged mirrors, linen table cloths, silver cutlery, table mats in suitable style, fresh flowers in crystal/glass/pottery vases, crystal decanters, silver jugs, delicate glasses.

The following photo's outline some beautiful classic dining rooms ideas, some are typical period style, others are a more modern and simple take on the classic room style.

Classic Dining Room 1

This photo shows a modern take on the classic dining room. The carpet is a lovely style and shade and the modern classic style table and chairs look lovely. The decorative white border along the wall adds to the classic feel. (Photo courtesy of Flickr: Wainscoting America)

Classic Dining Room 2

This is a much more elaborate looking classic dining room style.

Although the table is not period, the chairs, cabinet and sofa are all period style. Although they are not all matching in wood and style, the overall effect works.

Accessories; including landscape pictures and decorative displays of plates, and a table runner all finish off the 'look'. (Photo courtesy of Flickr: Sn0288)

Classic Dining Room 3

This is a modern take on the classic style. The walls have been given a striped look in modern beige colours. A lovely old fashioned mirror looks great above the wall table. The cabinet on the left shows displays of crockery. The table while not period style matches with the cabinet enough that the overall effect looks lovely.

The accessories chosen; chandelier, glass vase of roses, glasses on a silver dish, and lamp on side table all work together to complete the classic look. (Photo Courtesy of Flickr: TCM Finishes)

Classic Dining Room 4

This is another modern take on the traditional classic style.

Both the white inbuilt cabinets add balance to the room. as there is one on either side of the window. The table is placed on the carpet in the centre of the room. A lovely wooden cabinet has been placed against the side wall. A pair of traditional candlesticks and old style overhead lighting complete the look. (Photo courtesy of Devlin Mniff

Classic Dining Room5

This lovely dining room has been painted in a rich rusty colour. The dining table looks lovely on the turkish style rug and flowery curtains have been added. The modern chandelier lighting adds to the decor.

I hope you enjoyed looking through these lovely photo's of classic dining room ideas and they have given you some ideas to take away and try in your home.

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