Create Your Own Colorful Canvas Art Work.

This is a fun and easy colorful canvas art project. It is very easy to create and requires very little painting.

Materials For Creating This Colorful Canvas Art Work:

1. Round canvas approx $15-20. I bought mine from Riot Art & Craft.

2. 3-4 packets of cheap colored pencils.I bought mine from a cheap discount shop. (I used 100 pencils)

3. PVA clear drying glue

4. Jo Sonja white acrylic paint

5. Small round pieces of mirror glass from Riot Art & Craft Shops.

6. Black fine liner texta (smudge proof)

7. Spray varnish

8. Paint brush for white paint

9. Small brush for glue

10. Grey lead pencil

11.Picture 'D' hooks and wire for hanging your picture (can buy these from hardware stores)

12. 3M Command hooks for hanging your picture on the wall.

Colorful Canvas Art Work Procedure:

1. Now starts the fun part of your first diy art project.

First paint the whole canvas with the white paint.

While the paint is drying, place your pencils on a table in a pattern you like.

I just created a simple zig zag pattern and spread out the colors a bit, I did not get too hung up about how high I placed the pencils, I just tried to make sure they were as even as possible so the effect looked O.K.

2. Then paint glue down the back of one pencil and stick it on the canvas, keep gluing pencils until you have them all glued to the canvas.

3. Next glue on the round mirror glass. I spread the mirror glass around evenly so I had about the same number above and below the pencils.

4. Using your grey lead drawing pencil, draw small circles in and around your pencils. If you can not draw even circles try tracing around a coin similar in size to the mirror glass. I traced around an Aussie 10 cent coin.

Color the circle black, leaving little splashes of white in the circle. Too give an effect of movement I gave each circle two little tails.

Using your black texta just create some small dashes/dots going out from your black circle.

5. Using your black texta draw a black line around your mirror glass, makes it stand out.

6. Then also using your fine line texta and a ruler, draw lines coming down from the top of your canvas, finishing in a little spear head...see picture.

7. Spray varnish your canvas and let it dry, then spray it again.

8. Screw 'D' ring hooks into back of canvas, about a quarter of the way down picture, then thread picture wire through 'D' rings and tie off.

9. Get out your 3M command hook and stick to wall, allow to set for 12-24 hours, then hang your picture.

Art Decorating Tip:

Paint the background of your canvas a different color to white.

You could even paint the canvas black. The canvas art work would look really striking with the black background, coloured pencils and mirror glass to add a bit of sparkle. If you wanted to do the black lines you could do it using a thin white texta.

Hope you had fun creating this fun piece of colorful canvas art.

If you are after spray varnish, white acrylic paint, black texta's etc Dick Blick Art Supplies have a great range to choose from. They also sell round canvases up to 20 inches.

I had a bit of a search on the internet, and found Amazon has a 72 pack of colored pencils for a very reasonable price. They also have a 50 pack (Rose Art) as well.

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