Contemporary Bedroom Designs.

The idea behind Contemporary Bedroom Designs is to create a fresh clean look by combining modern furniture design with the traditional, colored soft fabrics contrasted with a variety of textures, add a mix of storage solutions, modern accessories in honey/metallic colors and you will create a calm, practical, relaxed room designed to promote sleep, tranquility and relaxation.

The bedroom makeover ideas described below show how color and texture can be used, how modern and traditional furniture can be combined, all to create a clean uncluttered modern practical bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom Designs: What Is Involved:

1. Walls: Should be painted in soft neutral colors, cream, pinks, whites, yellows etc. Wallpaper should be subtle, pale stripes or same color patterns.

2. Fabrics: Cottons, checks, stripes, geometric patterns, satin, muslin, flower pattern fabrics, voiles with a printed pattern, valances, jacquard fabrics etc

3. Window Treatments: You can use sweeping full length curtains with either tab or gathered headings, wooden/metal blinds, venetians, Roller blinds.

4. Floors: Plain wooden floors, sea grass/coir matting, plain carpet, rugs in plain colors or modern geometric patterns etc

5. Furniture: You can use modern or traditional furniture for this interior bedroom decorating style, you can even blend a few different colored woods like beech, pine, limed woods, mahogany, cane furniture, fabric/leather/PVC covered ottoman, chair. Beds can be of modern or traditional designs, brass, wood, cane etc

6. Lighting: Modern chandeliers, hanging pendant lights, ceramic/metal lamp bases with natural shades, metal modern sides lights, dimmer switches if your lucky enough to have them.

7. Accessories: Soft snuggly casual throw rugs in muted colors, simple square styled cushions, simple flowers in glass modern vases, simple prints on the wall, framed photo's, iron candlesticks, wicker baskets for storage or your favourite magazines.

Contemporary Bedroom Design 1

contemporary bedroom designs

This is an easy contemporary style to create.

Walls are often white in rental houses so all you have to do is combine dark furniture with bright fabrics. In this case the tones of the bed coverings are similar, oranges, yellows, rusty browny reds, cream and white.

Lights are kept neutral so the bed coverings stand out. A modern geometric mat is placed on one side of the bed.

Contemporary Bedroom Style 2

contemporary bedroom designs

This beautiful fresh clean contemporary bedroom can be created easily.

Walls are white. If you have wooden bedroom furniture and you want to create this look, give it a fresh coat of white paint.

Buy a white bed cover and then add some simple modern pillows in a contrasting pastel colour. Note how the 2 pillows with the pattern have the blue colour incorporated into the swirls. The gentle blue colour is then used in the plain cushion and in the beautiful shape of the lamp base.

The room looks peaceful, calm and would be a lovely place to settle down with a book and escape for an hour or two.(pic courtesy of Flickr-brightcd)

Contemporary Bedroom 3

contemporary bedroom designs

This lovely contemporary bedroom uses whites, cream and a dash of burgundy to create a lovely restful bedroom.

If you are after this bedroom use pale furniture and neutral bedding. Add a couple of cushions in burgundy and combine with 3 simple canvas prints. Added interest has been created by using wall stickers. A fabulous rental decorating idea! (photo courtesy of Flickr: remodeleze)

Contemporary Bedroom 4

This is a lovely girly contemporary bedroom design.

White teamed with pink with a lovely dash of yellow.

Basically start with all white furniture, bed, bookcase and walls. Choose a white bed covering with a dash of pink. Choose some lovely pink and white cushions to decorate the bed. Add a white mirror to the wall, and choose a zig zag modern design carpet in pink and white.

If you already have a wooden chair spray paint it in yellow. Add some black picture frames to the wall and BINGO! You too can have a bedroom like this.

(photo courtesy of: Flickr: New Inspiration Home Design)

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