Cork Noticeboards

Cork Noticeboards

Do you have bills lying around? Can never put your hand on school notices?, Need somewhere to pin the school tuckshop notice?

Get yourself organised by making your own corkboard.

What Can You Pin On Them

  • bills
  • photo's
  • canteen notices
  • business cards
  • chemist prescription forms
  • exam timetables etc

How To Make A Cork Noticeboard

The following is my version of a cork noticeboard. I did not just want to put up a boring piece of brown cork onto the wall. I love to paint and paste (must be the kinder child coming out of me)so decided to place my cork board onto a thin piece of MDF to create a functional item that was also a decorative piece of wall art. 


  • 5mm thin MDF from hardware store (buy it in 1m long sheets approx)
  • PVA glue5-8 mm cork board(bought in 1m sheets from a cork store specialist)
  • Jo Sonja paints 
  • Ribbon bought from Spotlight
  • Thumb Tacks for pin board Picture frame 
  • 'd' hooks and picture wire for hanging pin board on wall.
  • Jigsaw for cutting MDF board
  • Sharp cutting knife for cutting cork board
  • Small sander.
  • White Gesso paint - bought from Craft or Art Stores eg: Riot Art and Craft Flower 
  • stencils bought from craft stores.
  • Grey lead Drawing Pencil
  • Fine Line Texta (make sure it is smudge free, waterproof and permanent)


  1.  The MDF Board. Measure the MDF and cut the size MDF you want with your jigsaw. (My MDF measures 600mm x 600mm (60cm x 60cm). 
  2. Using your sander, sand the edges gently so edges are clean and even. Wipe MDF board with a soft cloth to remove dust.
  3. Paint MDF in the white Gesso Paint, allow to dry then paint again.
  4.  The Corkboard. Cut into 505mm x 505mm (50.5cm x 50.5cm)squares.
  5. Ribbon.Cut 4 x 530mm  or 53cm lengths. Using your PVA Glue spread glue along the whole of one edge of your cork board (about 5mm in from edge), lie one piece of ribbon over the glue so the edge of the ribbon falls over the edge of the cork board. Press down gently. 
  6. Turn cork board over and spread glue over rough edge of cork board and glue the ribbon down the length of the cork board. Then glue the rest of the ribbon to the back of the corkboard. The idea - see picture is to cover the edges of the cork board in the ribbon. 
  7. Decide on what side of the cork board you like, glue and tuck the ends of the ribbon on the backside of the cork boardRepeat steps so all edges of the cork board are covered in the lovely ribbon. 
  8. Assemble:Place cork board in the middle of the MDF and using a ruler measure the sides and make sure cork board is in the middle of the white square. Run a fine pencil line around cork board. 
  9. Take cork board off and using your PVA Glue spread lots and lots of glue inside the square you have drawn on your MDF, making sure you spread glue to the edges as well. Then pick up cork board making sure the nice side is facing you, place cork board on top of the glue, inside your square. Press cork board down on the glue. Any glue you see peaking out of the edges will dry clear, so do not worry about it. 
  10. Get some heavy books and place on top of the cork board. The books will press cork board onto MDF making sure it dries flat. 
  11. Leave the books overnight so glue is completely dry. 
  12. The Fun Creative Part. This is the section where you can decide how you are going to decorate your cork noticeboards.

Cork Noticeboard Ideas

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