Country Decorating Ideas.

Country Decorating Ideas involves creating a casual, warm, inviting country home, that captures the essence of living in the country..fresh air..rolling green fields/paddocks, space etc....even if you are in the middle of a chaotic busy city.

When deciding on a country interior decorating style it is important to understand that a particular 'country style' will change according to the country in which you are living.

Different Country Styles Include:

English Country Style

Mediterranean Country Style

American Country Style

Scandinavian Country Style

The information below is a simple basic guide to what each of the styles are about....

English Country Style

English Country Style Decorating is nostalgic, charming, practical, welcoming and very lived in. Old furniture, combined with pretty well-loved furnishings with all their wear and tear are at the heart of this style.

Country decorating ideas include:

Walls rough plaster walls, stencilling, pale narrow striped or small floral wallpaper, tongue and grove panelling

Windows simple curtains on wood or metal pole, wooden shutters, simple covered pelmet, cafe style sheer curtains, curtains can be floral or striped, tassel cords and tie backs

Floors bare floorboards, slate, stained or painted floorboards, neutral fitted carpet, Oriental or Turkish carpets/mats, cotton, seagrass or canvas style rugs.

Fabrics are pretty, often linens, cottons, chintzes, checks, stripes, lace, embroidery, velvets. Paisley fabrics.

Furniture can be a variety of polished woods, oak, elm, mahoganny, pine. Can be worn or polished, rough or smooth. Wicker and Cane are also typical. Brass beds, four poster beds, painted furniture with simple stencilling, can use slip covers for chairs and sofa, decoupage decorations, TV cabinate in pine, pine wooden shelves, wing armchairs, corner wall shelves, upholstered period chairs.

Lighting is usually cosy and simple, iron candelabra's, candles, fabric lampshades, oil style lamps, floral print lampshades, brass, wrought iron or wood standard lamps.

Accessories includes traditional fire place irons, mantle wall clocks, an old grandfather clock, numerous small picture frames placed on a side table covered in a floral cloth, cottage garden flowers dried and hung upside down,frilled cushions, floral old fashioned washbowels on a wooden stand, coloured glass, candlesticks, flower prints, old fashioned prints and paintings, jugs of typical country style flowers, painted enamel, bowels of pot pourri, decorative flower door knobs.

Mediterranean Country Style

This style encompases the following countries: Italy, Southern Spain, Greece, Tuscany, Turkey and North Africa.

Mediteranean country decorating ideas involve creating rooms using earthy pigment colours, light and shade, color and texture.

Floors are generally slate, brick, terracotta and black tiles, plain terracotta. If you do not have stone floors then floorboards can be either polished or stained to suit your color scheme. Cotton rugs can be used to create a bit of warmth and provide an alternative to stone flooring.

Walls are painted in warm colors, can create rough plaster effects, colorwash effects are also a great look.

Windows should be kept simple, you can also use shutters, Roman style blinds, natural cotton curtains. Wood venetians.

Fabrics stick to natural textures and prints. Natural linen, crisp cotton, sprig prints, colourful provencal prints.

Furniture keep furniture simple, rustic, distressed painted furniture, polished wood, large pine tables, ladderback chairs, provencal print seat cushions for wooden stylke chairs. Cane or painted cane furntiure, painted iron accessories.

Accessoriesrustic and natural, glazed pottery bowels, vases, religious icons, wicker/cane baskets, metal/ceramic candlesticks, gilt picture or mirrors, cast iorn pans, brass pans, handpainted bowels and plates, vases of geraniums and sunflowers, bowels full of fruit, jars full of pasta, unusual bootles full of oil with sprigs of herbs inside, garlic hanging from the ceiling/wall, mediterranean herbs in terracotta pots on a window ledge would give an authentic look and smell.

American Country

Country decorating ideas involving the American Style involve creating a welcoming, informal home that shows off the love of family and friends and often encompases traditional handcrafted and handmade items.

Typical colours include: barn red mustard, shades of green including grey-green, blue-green, nutmeg and grey-blue.

Walls can be plainted in plain neutrals or strong earthy colors e.g terracotta. Can also use stripes, stencils and motifs.

Fabrics natural fabrics like cotton, linen, calico, stripes and gentle florals, ginghams, checks, patchwork and stencil designs.

Furntiure is often free standing (great for renters) and looks to the Shaker influence for designs. Woods include pine, maple, cherry, beech. Furniture is often painted and stencilled.

Floors can be polished or painted floorboards, neutral carpet, tiles. Rugs include seagrass/coir matting, canvas mats, hooked wool rugs, cloth rugs etc.

Accessories include painted shelves, wooden pots and bowels, candelabras, oil lamps, punched tin door panels, steamed wood boxes, bone handles on cutlery, beeswax candles, vases of fresh country flowers.

Scandinavian Country Decorating

Country decorating ideas of the Scandinavian kind involves creating a light airy room using predominately pastal pale colours. This type of decorating encompases Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Walls colorwashed in pale blues, creams, shades of white. Pale stencils can also be used in folk art bird or heart motifs.

Furniture can be simple, period style, pale/limed or old pine furniture. Some furniture also has cut out details, cupboards can have chicken wire doors, or glass or wooden inserts. Sofa's and chairs have wooden arms and legs. Can use pale or check slip covers. Swedish style bench seats.

Fabrics natural fabrics include cotton, checks in red/white, blue/white, blues/greens, simple stripes, gingham, linen, cross stitch or embroidered chairs.

Floors: Floorboards can be polished, limed or painted. Natural fitted carpet, sisal/seagrass style matting, rugs with folk art motifs, tapastry etc

Accessories: Carved and painted figures, blue and white china, glass vases, painted and stencilled wooden trays, dried flower arrangements, table linen in checks, crisp white sheets, check bedlinen, co-ordinate wall coverings, with paint and fabric choices, iron beds, small painted tables, simple red/white check curtains, flat weave cotton mats.

I hope you found this page on country decorating ideas both useful and informative. I will hopefully have some pictures soon for use to also use as a guide.

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