Decorating Lampshades
A Beach Theme

Decorating lampshades is a lot of fun.

Taking an item that is plain, maybe even old and dusty and giving it a new lease of life just by gluing on some great bits and pieces is very satisfying.

With each lampshade decorating design, I have included materials used and procedure and then included a few decorating tips at the end. These types of diy home decorating projects are immensely satisfying, so give one ago today.

I decorated the lampshade this way because my daughter wanted her room to have an underwater cave theme. Her favourite color is blue so I felt shades of blue ribbon would represent water and of course the shells are wonderful symbols of an underwater cave and beach.


Plain white lamp shade, glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, 3 rolls of ribbon in 3 different shades of blue, long thin shells, short flat shells, small ruler, grey lead pencil.


  1. Unscrew the shade from the top of the base.
  2. Measure ribbon around base and cut to size remembering to leave an overlap.
  3. Start at the join of your lampshade and glue 4-5 spots of glue around the base about 4 cm apart. Pick up the ribbon you want to use first and starting at the join stick ribbon onto the glue making sure ribbon is even. Keep adding 4-5 drops of glue and then sticking on the ribbon. Continue until you have stuck the first ribbon right around the base of the lampshade.
  4. Using your ruler and pencil measure about 5 mm from the edge of the ribbon up the lampshade, place a small line. Go right around the lampshade. This exercise means when you come to sticking the second piece of ribbon you will have a line to follow, so you can get the ribbon straight.
  5. Pick up the glue gun and follow the same procedure until you have the second piece of ribbon going right around the lampshade.
  6. Repeat the decorating lampshades procedure with the third piece of ribbon. When you have finished you should have a lampshade with 3 pieces of ribbon neatly around the base.
  7. Now it is just a matter of sticking the shells on the lampshade where you want them to go. I spread them out so there was an even distribution of shells right around the lampshade base.

Decorating Lampshades Tip 1: The glue gun can get a little messy, make sure you do this activity on an old table or put newspaper down to protect the table. The glue gun can often leave stringy pieces of glue scattered over the lampshade. Wait until the glue has totally dried then pull them off. They will remove pretty easily.

Decorating Lampshades Tip 3: The glue gun will be necessary for the shells, but I would advise using spray adhesive for the ribbon. It will be less messy and will make the ribbon stick more smoothly around the lamp shade.

Where To Get The Materials.

  • Lampshade from Target
  • I found the shells at Phillip Island, Australia
  • Glue Gun from local discount store
  • Ribbon from local discount store

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