Decorating With Color
Color can be fun! Color can be Quirky and Color can be Emotional!

Decorating with color is the quickest way to alter a rooms appearance. While it is important to use colors you like and feel comfortable with, it also helps to have a bit of background knowledge to help you make decisions.

Color appeals to our emotions, it is usually inborn but different cultures will also attach different meanings to colors.

Click on these color meanings to find out more...

  • Meaning Of Color Green.
  • Meaning Of Color Yellow
  • Meaning Of Color Blue

  • Colors In Nature

    If you are unsure about what color goes with what, look at nature and see how colors look together.

    The flower garden below is a perfect illustration of how oranges, yellows, reds, pinks, blues and green can work together.

    Still Not sure? Check Out The Color Wheels To Find Out More.....

    A Color Chart or A Color Wheel

    One way to understand the relationship between colors is to look at a color wheel or see a color chart.

    An easy way to see these is to take a trip to your local hardware store. Most have a paint section and most paint sections have an area with hundreds of small color sample squares sitting next to each other in color order.

    Basically the color wheel divides in half. The warm colors such as yellows, reds, oranges are on one side and the cool colors, green and blues are on the opposite side.

    Decorating with colors that blend together on the color wheel will look visually pleasing. Adding a splash of contrasting color from the opposite side of the wheel, will add a vibrant touch.

    Color Terms

    When discussing home decorating ideas, T.V home decorating shows, artists, magazines will often talk about tones, hues, primary colors, secondary colors etc. If you are interested in painting or creating your own home decor wall art, or just want more background information...then click on Home Decorating Glossary.

    Checklist: Read Before Starting.

    Now you have a bit of an idea about color and how you can use it, you need to think about the room you are wanting to decorate.

    Below Is A Checklist Of Questions To Ask Yourself.

  • 1.Think about what you are going to use the room for? Will the room be used for sleeping, a sun room, watching T.V. Will it be a boys or a girls bedroom?
  • 2. Work out what you can and cannot change in the room. Think about the positive points in the room. What negative points does the room have, what will you need to do to disguise these problems.
  • 3.What furniture do you want to keep? What furniture do you want to get rid of? What do you need to buy?
  • 4. Is the room a dark room or does it receive a lot of natural light.? (Remember you can lighten a dark room by keeping colors light)
  • 5.Is the room large? narrow?, or small?
  • 6. Are the ceilings low or high?
  • 7. What are the windows like? Do they let in lots of light? Or are they small and pokey?

  • Examples Of How Decorating With Color Can Help Create Beautiful & Interesting Rooms.

    Make a room appear bigger by using light colors. Click to find out more.....

    decorating with color

    Use color to make a room appear small and cozy. Click to find out more...

    decorating with color

    Color can help a narrow room. Click to find out more....

    Why choose stripes to color a room? Click to find out why and when and how to use them.

    Decorating with color is a lot of fun. It is more challenging if you cannot paint walls and ceilings...BUT if this is the case really think about the colors in your soft furnishings, cover your walls with wall stickers or fabric.

    Still not sure? Flick through home style magazines they are a great way of seeing how colours are used...but really it is just the matter of jumping in and having a go...

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