Contemporary Dining Room Ideas.

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Contemporary dining room ideas will show you what accessories you can use and the ideas behind what makes up a contemporary dining room.

Renters and owners of older homes - contemporary decorating is often a great way to go as many of these style of homes have been painted in plain neutral colors like white, cream, pale pinks etc. Teamed with modern furniture, industrial lighting and a variety of textures; a plain style room can look fabulous.

Contemporary Dining Room Ideas

1. Walls and ceiling are painted in calm, plain neutral tones and carpet is in similar or darker shades. (a feature of many rental houses)

2. The Idea is to choose one or two room colors and then use tones of the same.

3. The Idea of space is this room interior design is important, the secret is to create a room that looks fresh, clean and spacious, clutter is kept to a minimum.

4. Include a variety of natural fabrics and textures.

5. Wooden furniture should be light; blonde/pale styles such as ash, pine or beech are better than heavy dark mahogany type furniture, which is considered too dark for the contemporary style.

6. Use modern space age lighting, or metal/ceramic type lamp bases combined with large plain shades.

7. For this interior room design you can use and have fun with a variety of modern accessories.

Useful Contemporary Accessories

Natural fabrics: Such as linen, silk, cotton, hessian and wool

Accessories: crystal candlesticks, simple iron or ceramic candlesticks, picture frames in simple wooden/black/metal, modern art/posters in geometric designs frames, casual throw rugs for sofa and chairs, modern designed cushions, simple topiaries in ceramic/ terracotta pots, architectural flowers/foliage in streamlined vases e.g the bird of paradise plants

Furniture: Modern clean simple sofa's and chairs, , wicker furniture, glass topped coffee table with interesting collections placed inside, metal furniture

Floors: Sea grass matting, contemporary designed rugs

Lighting: Clean simple lamps, modern chandeliers, metal light fittings, you can really have fun with space age styles of lightening as well.

Dining Room Ideas 1

This contemporary dining room has used neutral colours of browns (furniture and floors) and pale blues (walls and curtains) as the main stay of the color scheme. White and orange have been added to brighten the room and give it a bit of bounce.

Modern accessories in the candlesticks, vases and flowers add to the contemporary look.

The whole look is very effective and looks great.(photo courtesy of Flickr: cabmac19)

Contemporary Dining Room 2

A very simple modern dining look, but effective never the less.

This photo shows that a contemporary look can be achieved easily and simply. A simple honey colored table combined with sheer white curtains, white walls and modern white and steel chairs.

A touch of colour in the picture and plant adds personality and makes the room come alive. (Photo Courtesy of Flickr: jamesdavidlee)

Contemporary Dining Room 3

Contemporary looks are always simple and uncluttered. Rooms have a sense of space around them and ornaments are kept simple.

Neutral decor has been given a touch of colour through using the green plants in the middle of the table.

A simple dining room that looks great! (Photo courtesy of Flickr: sensinct)

Contemporary Dining Room 4

contemporary dining room ideas

A simple dining room idea using modern honey colored furniture, pale yellow walls and lovely splashes of green through the plants. A simple uncluttered contemporary room. (Photo courtesy of Flickr: General Atomic)

Hope you enjoyed looking at these contemporary dining rooms.

I hope they inspire you to create the room you have always wanted.

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