Dining Room Makeover Ideas
Don't Be Afraid Of Color

Dining room makeover ideas using the dramatic style of room design are for those who love to express themselves and play with color, pattern and texture.

Colors are bold and vibrant, textures rich and sumptuous and patterns striking. But all elements work together to create an overall look which is eye catching.

The Dramatic Dining Room

The overall goal of creating a dramatic dining room is to have the dining room table as the center piece of the overall look, although this is not always the case, see Dramatic Dining Room 3.

Our aim is not to paint and alter rooms structurally, but be creative in our use of accessories.

Dramatic dining room makeover ideas are designed to take the element of theatre and create an impression.

A Room that says 'Wow! Look At Me!'

Dramatic Dining Room Ideas 1

This is a simple dining room makeover idea. Furniture is kept simple, it does not even have to match. The striking feature in this dining room is the huge canvas placed on the wall.

Dramatic Dining Room 2

A way to create a stand out feature very simply is to hang things from the ceiling. This picture shows paper lanterns being hung for a baby shower. But they could easily be hung there for general decoration.

Think about your color scheme and hang some lanterns in an accent colour. (Photo courtesy of Flickr: Maliburachel)

Dramatic Dining Room 3

I included this photo to show just what a dramatic dining room can look like. The table is modern and there is a mix of patterns in black and white. A lovely warm touch has been added by including yellow vases, a touch of pale yellow in the lamps and the flowers on the table. Without the touch of yellow the room could be a little cold.

If you are a renter, you could still recreate this by having a modern table, choose a black and white patterned carpet and patterned chairs.

Your walls may be white but see if you can find a large canvas art work to hang. It may even be fun to create your own art work by taking a huge white canvas and painting a series of black lines over it. (Photo Courtesy of Flickr: It's Great to Be Home)

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Steps To Creating Your Own Dramatic Dining Room.

1. Decide on the theme of your room and color scheme, making sure you choose strong color combination's.

  • Want a Romantic dining room makeover look - choose soft pale shades, shiny fabrics, metallic accents etc
  • Want to be really bold - go for a black and white room. This could be especially striking if you happened to have black and white tiles in your dining room.
  • If you want a vibrant, rich exotic look go for earthy colors, crimsons, burgundy, browns etc.

Other color combination's: Include gold and blues, oranges and greens, purple shades coupled with midnight blues and a vibrant dark green. Try deep reds with pinks and gold - a great period classic look.

2. Start by decorating the walls with your chosen fabric or wallpaper, murals etc.

3. Decide on a floor covering. If you have plain carpet fitted throughout the room, choose a dramatic style rug to go in the centre of the room, place your dining room table and chairs on the middle of the rug. Rug should be big enough that chairs do not fall off the edge of it when you pull out the chair to sit on.

If you have plain polished floorboards you will need a large imposing bold rug; if wanting to create a dramatic period room, choose a rich Turkish Oriental style rug, if you are wanting a modern style choose a rug decorated in bold geometric patterns.

4. Place any other furniture in your dining room that you may require making sure it fits in with your theme.

  • Idea 1: Don't get rid of furniture, recycle and repaint to suit your new theme.
  • Idea 2: Add covers to chairs and reupholster seats if necessary.

5. Lighting is important as it will show off your color scheme and create the mood you want. If you are lucky enough to have a dimmer switch, use it to create a great moody feeling, add unusual and bold lamps. Candles look fantastic in a room full of bold colors.

6. Windows: What you choose for the windows will help enhance the style of your room. If you already have curtains and you can remove them, pack them up and replace with curtains in the color you want. If you cannot take down your curtains then use velcro or double sided tape to stick your new curtains to the old ones over the top. If you have blinds that you cannot remove, see if you can involve them into the decor of your room.

7. Add Accessories that go with your theme, elegant candlesticks, crystal glasses, goblets, ornate decorative mirrors, sparkling tableware, bowels of fruit on the table displayed in unusual dishes, vases of flowers, splashes of green via indoor plants, whether tall or small will look fantastic.

If your dining room has to be shared with the living room, you could add a decorative screen to block off the living room, this will make the room appear cozy and intimate. Choose a bold picture for the wall.

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