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Create A Farm Theme Mirror

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Diy mirror art will show you how to create a fun and colorful farm theme mirror.

My inspiration for this do it yourself crafts mirror wall art is the farm I grew up on.

I grew up in the country, living on a farm and experiencing all the delights of farm life. I loved it! and I loved the summer time when the rolling paddocks of grass turn from winters green to a long wavy browny/yellow. If you want to find out a bit more about on my About Bronnie button..


1.1 x Round plain mirror.

2. Jo Sonja 'gesso'. A sealer/undercoat paint.

3. Variety of paints from Jo Sonja range in bright colors.>/p>

4. Craft cut out wooden pieces. I used plain cow, tree, house wooden cutouts. I found already painted ladybird, flower, chickens etc cutouts.

5. Craft Glue for sticking on pieces

6. Jo Sonja varnish for creating a gloss finish at end, protects work from water damage etc

7. Thin paint brushes if you want to paint.

8. Pencil and rubber if you want to draw pictures.

9. Small wooden cut out numbers.


1.Turn mirror over and remove glass mirror, put it away somewhere safe. (This ensures mirror is not painted on during the decorating process.)

2.Paint mirror with 'gesso' undercoat. Do not forget the edge where mirror sits. Dry and then paint again.

3.Decide on what colour you want your top coat to be and paint it on. I chose yellow but it would look great in a lovely grass green. As above, paint the edge mirror sits in.

4.When dry, paint on another top coat.

5. I began by painting the plain wooden cutouts.

6. Trees - I made them a simply brown trunk and green leaves and added some red dots to make one into an apple tree.

7. Cows- I grew up with Hereford cattle, so decided to paint them a white and rusty red. If you like Angus cattle, paint them white, you could even paint them to look like dairy cattle.

8. House - I painted it simple shades of blue and then stuck a couple of bright red butterfly wooden cutouts on the roof.

9. Before painting the pictures I placed the wooden cutouts around them mirror, so I could see how it balanced out. You do not want to have all your cutouts on one side of the mirror as this would make it look unbalanced.

10. If you are going to paint some of your images, then now is the time to do so.

11. I painted the images twice to get the depth of color I wanted.

12. Once you have painted your pictures, glue on the wooden cutouts.

13.Sign your name and varnish your mirror twice.

14.Turn mirror upside down carefully, and place mirror glass back into slots and tighten.

This diy mirror art farm mirror is a little more complicated than the number mirror, but have a go, you may surprise your self on your ability.

If you really do not like painting buy more wooden cutouts, there are so many scrapbooking stickers and wooden cutouts that you should find plenty to choose from.

If you cannot draw and would like to be able to paint images, check out using stencils; hardware stores and craft shops would have them. I have seen some lovely fairy stencils, trucks, airplanes, dinosaur and flower themes etc. All you would have to do is trace around them and paint.

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