Do It Yourself Crafts:
Creative, Fun, Quirky and Original.

Do it yourself crafts aims to help you create personal pieces of craft which you can use to decorate your home. These pieces made by you are personal, and unique, they cannot be bought at Target, or Big W,

They will add color and originality to your home.

The following pages have lots of different do it yourself arts crafts projects, there are fun adult craft projects and there are also some great kids craft projects as well.

Check them out and give one a go today!

Cheap Handpainted Items: Wooden Bowls + Paint = WOW!

'Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...'

Take an ordinary plain craft mirror and paint, stick and decorate it to produce a mirror that is original, fun and colorful.

mirror wall art, do it yourself crafts

Cork Noticeboards.

TAKE control of your life and ORGANIZE IT with a corkboard.

cork pinboards, noticeboards, do it yourself crafts


These chalkboards are fun to make, are practical and make a colourful addition to your walls.

Fun Stepping Stones.

This is a fun craft idea to add texture and decor fun to a child's bedroom.

Beach Theme Lampshade Idea.

A great decor idea for a beach theme bedroom.

making lampshades, do it yourself crafts

Light And Sparkly Mirror Curtain.

A fun and easy craft project. Make it in an afternoon!

Home crafts projects will show you how to create this cool shade and base.

What is wash tape?
Funky, Fun, Check out these projects.

Diy drink coasters

Have fun with these beautiful diy drink coasters. So easy to make, create a set for a yourself, friend, or give as a house warming gift.

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