Bare, Plain Doors?
Dress Your Doors With Cool, Creative Door Decorating Ideas.

Door decorating ideas will show you how you can take a nudie bare door and make it into something special.

When we design our homes, we think about pattern, texture, room style, wall art but how many of us really think about our doors????

These doors caught my eye as they are bright and colourful. As a renter we can not really change our doors but we can still be inspired. And we can certainly decorate our internal doors. 

Our doors are like a blank canvas waiting for us to decorate and transform them into something special.

With kids rooms in particular you can create some wonderful doors, simply, easily and using many do it yourself crafts ideas.

So What Can You Do With Doors?

door decorating ideas

1. Painting

This is a Mexican Door. Don't you love the colors? I love the way Mexicans are not afraid to play and combine colors.

If you have a wooden front door, think about painting it a glorious glossy color. Paint is pretty cheap, and you will not require much for just one door.

2. Create An Iron Door

I could not resist showing you this amazing door I found on clip art. It is so dramatic! Not a practical typical suburban door...and not something a renter could execute...BUT....

3. Add A Door Wreath

This is something we can either create for ourselves or buy. It can make a plain door stand out and look beautiful.

If you wanted to, you could create a wreath for each season of the year.

  • Summer- include dried summer flowers, dried grasses etc
  • Autumn- could make it out of diffrent colored Autumn leaves, dried chestnuts, dried twigs etc
  • Winter - incorporate different colored dried leaves with pinecones. You paint the pine cones winter colors eg: green, black, brown etc
  • Spring- the season of renewal and growth. Include green leaves, sun flowers and other bright colorful flowers.
  • Christmas - make a wreath using greens, red and golds

door decoration

4. Bedroom Door Decorating

This is an example of how I changed my daughters boring, plain bedroom door into one that is practical and colorful. To find out how I did it click on Flower door decoration ideas .

5. Sea Theme Bedroom Door

door decorating ideas, cheap decorating ideas

My eldest daughter wanted a sea theme bedroom, so I decorated her bedroom door to suit. To find out what I did go into sea theme door.

6. Welcome Door Poster

This is a new door in a new rental house. My daughter is getting a little older now and wanted to create her own door decor. One of the things as parents we have to learn let go and let our kids create.

She began with drawing a welcome poster on a large sheet of cardboard. We laminated it for protection. I hung it on her door using 3D Removable Hooks.

Then she decided to find some words of inspiration, she wrote the words on cardboard (which is why it is a little difficult to read), then stuck them to paper and coloured in the edges with texta. We blue tacked them under the poster.

The next idea she had was to put some wrapping paper squares into the two spare Ikea frames we had lying around. Then she decorated the edges with some removable stickers.

I think for a 10 year old she created a real door with a lot of personality. She was really proud of her effort.

Keep checking back as I have some more cool and funky door ideas to come: halloween and christmas doors are just a few in the pipeline.

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