Door Decoration Idea
A Fun & Funky Beach Door

This door decoration idea is fun, easy and will only take a few hours to create. I bought all my materials at a local hardware store and shells I had found at the beach the previous summer.

Why Decorate The Door?

This was the door of my eldest daughter.

Posters of interest, A4 sheets of notes, interesting words and signatures of her friends & pet pics are all stuck to her door.

I felt the door was looking a little tired, papers were begining to curl, and the posters were getting torn in the corners.

I decided to surprise her with a door makeover.

This is what I did.......


  • Cardboard cutouts - whale and shark shapes -From Discount Store. $2.50ea
  • Black, yellow and blue Jo Sonja paint
  • 2 x plain wooden whiteboards from Bunnings $4.95ea
  • Shell pieces I had found at the beach the previous summer
  • Glue Gun


1. Start by removing and taking down the posters and bits and pieces on the door.

2. Clean the door and remove all grime and smudge marks.

3. Paint the shark and fish cardboard cutouts black. (Because the colored paint samples were multicolored I decided to make the sea animals black, like a silhouette.)

4. I then painted the two wooden whiteboards. I painted one yellow and one blue.

5. Next I got my glue gun and ran a strip of glue along the top of one side of the wooden whiteboard. As soon as you glue along, do not waste anytime, press crushed pieces of sea shells along the top. Press into the glue. Do be careful because the glue can be hot.

Do not worry about creating a mess with shells going everywhere, once you have finished going around the board it is easy to pick up the board and shake loose any shells.

6. Now it is time to find a small round glass and draw circles on your paint sample cards. The paint sample cards come in lovely vibrant colors. I chose colors to do with the sea and then added some lovely bright colors to do with a coral reef.

They are great to use and best of all FREE!

7. Now comes the fun part putting it all together. I began by placing the whiteboard wall stickers onto the door.

I included the two different types of whiteboards as my daughter loves to write interesting words,convey news to her sister or me and generally loves to write on them.

8. Then I stuck the Perma Velcro Hooks onto the back of the whiteboards. I then stuck them on the door.

9. Next came the paint sample circles. I placed small pieces of Blue Tack on the back of each dot and then placed them in a pattern I liked. In between each gap I made with the circles I placed a black sea animal silhouette.

I hope you liked this door decoration idea.

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