Flower Door Decoration Ideas.

Flower door decoration ideas will take your old boring plain doors and transform them into doors full of color and wonder.

The following door decorating ideas uses simple to find materials to create visually exciting doors.

This is a fun do it yourself crafts activity that you can do with your kids. I sat down with my two girls and we had a fun time chatting, drawing, painting and commenting on each others work. It was a really fun session!

These two pictures show how a plain drab door can become visually exciting through using flower door decoration ideas.

(Scroll down to the end of the page and see what else I added to make the door come 'alive'.)

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My idea was to combine two main elements in my door design:

1) Practical - By adding a cork noticeboard, pictures can be pinned up neatly, rather than untidily using Blue Tack.

2) Visual - By adding interesting elements such as painted cardboard shapes and wooden ladybirds, the door became alive, fun and vibrant.


Cardboard flower cut outs, paint in a variety of colors, little wooden ladybugs, Bluetack, cork noticeboard, flower fabric, spray adhesive, mid blue ribbon, grey lead pencil.


1. Organize the paints and brushes, sit down and enjoy painting the different flower cardboard cutouts.

2. Place finished flowers aside to dry. Next cut out fabric, lie it face down on the table and lie corkboard rectangle directly on top, making sure there is about a 5cm overlap of fabric. (see Picture)

3. Then spray adhesive spray onto the long sides of the cloth. Press cloth sides up onto the corkboard.

4. Spray adhesive onto the short sides. Fold each of the 4 corners over to create a triangle. Next fold all sides up onto the corkboard. When all 4 sides are done it should look like the picture below.

5.When dry, stick Perma Velcro Hooks to the 4 corners of the back of the corkboard. Take off the sticky labels and stick the corkboard to the door.

6.Next I placed two corkboards onto the door then using little pieces of Bluetack stuck the flowers around the door as per the picture.

7. To add a bit of interest and a little quirky style I placed some little wooden red ladybugs curling around the door. (see pic below)

door decoration ideas, cheap decoration ideas

Flower Door Decoration Ideas Tip 1. I would recommend using spray adhesive for sticking the fabric to the corkboard. I did not have any at the time so used PVA. PVA worked really well for sticking the fabric and corners onto the back of the corkboard, but it slightly discolored the fabric on the front of the corkboard.

Hope you enjoyed the flower door decoration ideas outlined on this page.

Keep checking as I will have new door decorating ideas listed soon.

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