Funky Painted Furniture

This funky painted furniture page will show you how to take an old chest of drawers and make it new again, not only that but make it a key feature in the room.

I was going to throw this chest of drawers out for hard rubbish collection as the three middle drawers had all collapsed. I am not a great carpenter so I thought it was all a bit hard to repair.

Then I had a brain wave, a real light bulb moment, why not get rid of the drawers, put in a sheet of MDF and then paint the whole chest in bright funky colours. Daughter number 1 for whom this was going to be for, decided it was a great idea and so we began.


1. First I sanded down the chest, removed the door handles and sanded down the three good remaining drawers.

2. I then painted the whole chest and drawers in two coats of white sealer and undercoat.

3. Then I trotted off to Bunnings and bought 3 sheets of 5mm MDF. I measured and cut the boards to fit the spaces left by the old drawers. I then painted the MDF shelves with the white sealer, twice.

Then I painted the shelves a black gloss colour. They came up really well, and only required one coat.

4. Then came the fun part of this funky painted furniture design. I had just made a trip to Ikea and fell in love with a piece of fabric that I thought was bright, fun, perfect for a kid going from primary school to High school. The fabric is going to be put up on her walls like wall paper. I decided to draw some of the birds and flowers on the top and sides of the chest and then using some of the same colours I would create an abstract design over the front of the chest. The sides and edges would be painted in black gloss.

Painted furniture ideas can really revamp and make something old new again.

Have a look below and see what you think.

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This is what the top looks like.

I also found some lovely new handles in a local shop.

So what do YOU think?? Let me know by adding a comment below.

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