Garden On The Cheap: Use Logs Of Wood

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This garden on the cheap idea uses logs of wood to create an interesting cacti garden.

When I moved to this rental house, the garden bed along the chimney section of the house was non-existent. There was a bed but no plants just bright orange bark.

So What To Do? Although I rent I did want to create an interesting entrance to our home. It had to be a budget why not create a cacti garden. I must tell you at this point....I am not a talented green fingered gardener....most of my plants die at some stage. I wanted a plant that was a survivor, come on down cacti.

I spoke to mum (who has a large beautiful garden) and she was able to pot me up lots of interesting cacti. (cheap and free)

I bought a couple of bags of cacti soil from my local hardware store and spread it out over the garden beds.

Then I sorted out my cacti, added soil to my pots and planted them.

The front of the house is very flat, to add interest I wanted to create a garden bed that had levels. I found a few logs of wood that had been left on the side of the nature strip, took them home, placed them on my garden beds and placed a pot on top. BINGO!

To add a bit more interest I added some tan shops would probably say stones, pebbles are more appropriate for a cacti garden than tan bark mulch.....but I needed something cheap and bags of tan bark only cost about $10. My garden has survived the last 3-4 months without dying so I figure it all works.

Garden On The Cheap Idea 1:

If you find lovely thick pieces of bark which have come away from the log of wood, DON"T throw them away USE THEM. Place them in front of a log to add texture and interest to your garden bed.

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