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Girls-Bedrooms aims to give you lots of fantastic interior design ideas for creating a wonderful inspiring room for your little girl. These room ideas are roughly for ages 0- 11 years. If you have a 12 year old or older check out some great ideas under the

Teen-Rooms or simply click on this link.

This Web Site will help you redecorate by using creativity, enthusiasm and loads of budget friendly ideas. No structural changes or painting required. (Great if you are a renter).

This Page has been divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: Where Do I Start

Part 2: Who Is My Daughter?

Part 3: My Daughter's Room

Girls-Bedrooms are a lot of fun to decorate, read each section, take a few notes and soon you will be organizing and creating a great room for your daughter.

It is up to you whether you take your daughter into your confidence and work on her room together (great for mum and daughter bonding) or simply surprise her one day with a cool new room and look.

Part 1: Where Do I Start?

Start by looking at your daughters bedroom and taking notes on what you/they like and don't like. Ask yourself these girls-bedrooms questions:

1. How big is the room?

2. Does the room have lots of light? Are the windows big or small?

3. Where is the room situated? This may seam like an odd question but it is important. If the room is on the side of the house where it receives lots of late afternoon sun during summer - your daughters bedroom will probably get quite hot (especially if you do not have central air conditioning), therefore you may want to choose decorating colors that are cool e.g greens/blues rather than hot e.g reds, oranges etc.

4. Does the room have built in robes? or do you have or need a wardrobe?

5. What furniture do you like? What furniture do you want to get rid of? What furniture do you need to buy?

6. Is the room carpeted? or do you have floor boards? Do you have rugs/mats? or will you need to buy some?

7. What are your walls like? Are they painted in a neutral color? Are they in good condition? or will you want to cover up parts of the walls? Are they painted in a bright color? or are they wallpapered?

8. Does your child get asthma or get sick easily? This is another one of those unusual girls-bedrooms questions which are practical in nature.

Sick children will require you to get up at night to see to them.....if you have a small room and decide on a bunk or a Loft bed....then climbing up and getting to a coughing/asthmatic/sick child on the top bunk is tricky and not easy.

Do you really want to try and get such a child down from the top bunk in the middle of the night?

To be honest I actually planned to buy one of these Loft style bunks.

I thought it would be the perfect solution to a small bedroom. I have a 10 year old who would LOVE one.....but she does get asthma and the thought of trying to help her down from a high bed in the middle of the night was not a pleasant choices can and do have ramifications.

It is important to make sure furniture choices are practical as well as functional and fun.

Part 2: Who Is My Daughter?

This may seem like a really odd question but in actual fact it helps to clarify who our child is, so we decorate a room she will love not we will love. Decorating girls-bedrooms is personal, and as mums and dads who want to create a great room for our girls we need to learn to step back, and not push what we would like, onto our girls. Most girls, even young girls will have colors and room themes they will relate to more than others. Remember it is their room, not our room to relax, sleep and play.

Think About:

1. What colors does your daughter like?

2. What are her favorite toys? How many are there? How big are they? (Will help you work out what shelf space you may need.

3. Does she like books? And how many books does she have? (What sort of bookcase do you have or will need?

4. What kind of things does she like doing at present? Is she into fairies, gardens, animals, trucks/planes, fantasy, building blocks, art and craft etc

6. Does she like dressing up and play acting?

7. Does she like lying on the floor playing? or does she prefer to sit in a chair/sofa? (If she loves lying on the floor and you have floorboards think about rugs/mats you have or will need to purchase.

8. Does she like coloring in and drawing? Will a desk be required?

9. Are they a child who loves doing things with their hands? Being practical? You may like to consider having a (link 'useful box')

for creating wonderful things.

10. Is she a girly girl or a tom boy?

Part 3: My Child

By now you will have a good idea of furniture and room requirements as well as a good idea of your child's likes and dislikes. Now comes the fun part.....starting the decorating process of our girls-bedrooms.

1. There are lots of stores which have great things for decorating girls- bedrooms, try: homeware and hardware stores, discount stores, craft stores, charity outlets, second hand stores and even eBay may have some suitable items.

2. Start with a clean clear room, that means packing up everything and moving it out into the hallway or another room while you get organized.

3.Place the bed in the position you want it to go as well as chest of drawers, wardrobe or any other furniture you want to keep.

4. Place books, toys etc in bookshelves, toy shelves etc

5. Put up posters, murals, mobiles and any other wall decoration you have organized.

6. If using rugs/mats place these on the floor.

7. Set up night lamp, hang curtains or blinds.

Hey Presto! your room is completed.

Girls-Bedrooms: What To Do Now

The outline above is a simple outline of the steps needed to complete the process of decorating your daughters bedroom.

If you have clear ideas of what you want to is the time to get started and give it a go....

BUT what if the ideas are still not clear, if you are not sure of design, of products out there in the stores, or even how to make it all work.

I have researched and organized lots of different ideas about how you can go about decorating girls-bedrooms.

Scan the different links below and see if they will help get the creativity juices going, get you enthusiastic and thinking outside the box.

The most important point to remember is HAVE FUN and realize your daughter WILL LOVE HER ROOM.

She will get excited just because you have made the effort and changed her room. By excitedly looking at all the changes you have made, you will encourage her to play act, to discover old toys and to create and play new games.

The Links below will give you some great girls-bedrooms ideas if you need some extra tips, secrets and ideas.

Girls Bedrooms Ideas 1. The Pink Bedroom

Does your little girl adore pink? Discover how to create a glorious pink bedroom using different shades of pink and lots of pink accessories.

Girls Bedrooms Ideas 2. The Beach Bedroom

Create a wonderful bright beach scene using easy to find accessories and lots of enthusiasm.

Girls Bedroom Ideas 3. The Princess Bedroom

Do you have a little girl who loves playing at being a princess? Create a beautiful pale pink and silver bedroom for your own little princess.

Girls Bedroom Ideas 4. The Wrapping Paper Bedroom

A fresh new, bright and colorful room in approximately 2 hours and for only $12.00. Discover how....

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