Hat Rack Stand

I made this hat rack stand for my daughters room, when she was 4. She is now 10 and still loves hanging hats, scarves and small bags etc off it.

This diy home project idea is quirky and unusual, the colors can be adapted to suit a variety of themes. It is easy to make, perfect for budget decorators, and is a very simple do it yourself project.


1. 1 x garden trellis (I bought mine from Bunnings, but any hardware store should have them.)

2. Undercoat/sealer paint (I had some old house paint I used)

3. Top coat: 'Montage' - Sample Pot - Bright Blue (Check out hardware stores, sample paint pots- they are budget friendly and can be bought in small pots)

4. Simple screw in hooks or brick hooks you hammer in

5. Craft jewels

6. Wooden craft cut outs. For this hat stand I chose flowers, butterflies and hearts

7. PVA Wood glue

8. White Knights - Squirts - Clear Gloss


1. Lightly Sand down garden trellis, so wood is smooth enough not to catch on clothing items.

2. Paint trellis in undercoat (I just used one coat) Let it dry.

3. Paint top coat in your chosen colour. I also had varnish in my cupboard so knew I would be able to use that over the top. If you are buying paint new I would probably go for a gloss top coat, to save time.

4. Hammer or screw in hooks where you want them to go.

5. Using PVA, stick on jewels and small wooden cut outs. I made a girls hat rack stand so also added sparkly craft jewels.

6. When dry, spray on gloss vanish, I sprayed on two coats.

7. If you live in a rental, the perfect solution is to stick some velcro Command 3M hooks on the back and place wooden stand on skirting board and stick it to the wall.

Other DIY Decorating Ideas:


You could paint the trellis a lovely red, blue or green, you could even paint it in their favourite Footy Colors. Craft stores have boy cutouts, trains, planes and automobiles etc would look really cool.

Farm Theme:

Paint the trellis a bright grass green, and add cut outs of sheep, cows, tractors etc

Fairy Theme:

Paint the trellis a delicious hot or mid pink and add fairy cut outs, flowers, butterflies and jewels.

Under Sea Theme:

Paint the trellis a beautiful sea green or blue, depending on the room you want to decorate. Buy sea cutouts. You can get lovely bright funky fish, dolphins, sea weed etc

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