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Decorating A Lamp & Shade

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Home craft projects will show you how to take a faded old lamp and shade and using a a few cheap decorating ideas, transform it into a beautiful unique decor item.

I found this lamp and shade in a second hand charity shop. I fell in love with the shape of the base and circular shade and promptly bought it for approx $12.00.

I sat it in my daughters bedroom and looked at it over the course of a few weeks, as I was not sure how to decorate it.

In the meantime I decorated her bookcase and bought the tree clock.

Light Bulb Moment! - Why not use the colours in the contact and paint the base green? Hurray I finally had my home decorating lamp idea!

I had previously covered the old Ikea Bookshelf in this flower contact paper I found in a local hardware store.

I was browsing the Sold Smart Online shop and found this delightful tree photo clock in lovely bright green.

The following information outlines the home craft projects materials and procedure.


  • Lamp base & shade,
  • Handycan-Lime Green Enamel Paint,
  • Sandpaper,
  • Paint brushes,
  • Turpentine,
  • Wooden paint sticks x 20,
  • Craft mirror glass x 60,
  • Glue gun and glue sticks,
  • Jo sonja white acrylic paint,
  • Squirts - Quick dry Enamel Spray Paint in Silver
  • Tin foil,
  • Pva glue.


The Base

1. I began by cleaning any grease and grime from the lamp and shade.

2. Then I gave the base a light sand with the sandpaper. This allows the gloss paint to adhere to the base.

3. I began the exciting stage of painting the lamp base. I gave it two coats.

The Shade

1. Painting The Shade: I painted the shade with Jo Sonja silver paint. It did not look opaque enough so I had some outside spray paint gloss in silver and decided to use it. The experts would probably groan...'Oh No!'...but it actually came up very well.

2. Lining The Shade: I noticed in home decorating stores, black or silver lampshades all had a silver lined interior, probably so the light will reflect better. So I cut up some ordinary tin foil (the sort you buy in supermarkets), cut it into strips, and then into squares. I glued it onto the interior with PVA glue.

3. Painting The Paint Stirrers: I then removed the sticker on the back of the wooden paint stirrers. I used a wire sponge with turpentine. The sticker came off really well.

I then painted the wooden stirrers with the white paint. I liked the washed out effect, so only painted them once.

4. Sticking On The Paint Stirrers:Next I placed a dob of glue onto the two ends of the paint stirrer. The side with the logo. I then placed the stirrer against the lamp shade surface and pressed. Then it was just a matter of glueing on all the stirrers, leaving a small gap between each one.

5. A Bit Of Bling & Sparkle! - Glue on the craft mirror glass pieces. I decided on a row going around the top and the bottom. I then decided to add a third piece in zig zag fashion around the middle.

home projects diy, lampshade decorating, diy home projects

6. Finished: And there you have it - a funky and modern lamp & shade suitable for a girls bedroom. A fun and quirky home decorating lamp idea.

So what do you think about this home craft projects, lamp decorating idea? Leave me a comment I would love to get some feedback!

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