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Finding an online home decor boutiques store that has beautiful quality products; products that are quirky and unusual but are also ethically produced was a find that made me jump with delight.

I was so delighted to find the Mexican oilcloth I was after that I purchased 2 meters and redecorated my kitchen table. I know it's only 'boring black oilcloth' but it worked a treat and was just what I wanted. See my home decorating before and after pics.

Metooplease is the brainchild of Lisa Joseph. An Australian Business which has one retail shop in Annadale NSW and an online store that began in 2008.

The aim is to encourage people to buy quality made goods which have a reuse capability, Metooplease's aim is to source quality goods from ethical sources.

'We believe you can do all this without compromising on quality, originality, or performance.'

What Gave You The Inspiration To Start Your Business?

A common scenario - I was looking for a part time home based business that I could fit around my family. It hasn't stayed that way though!

What Do You Look For In Your products?

We look for goods that are commercially desirable and ethically sourced.
They are both important criteria.

We also believe the story behind the product is an important
component. Although people sometimes prefer not to think about it, when you purchase an item you are supporting the makers - we like to know everyone in the chain is being treated with fairness and respect. We also prefer practical and useful items.

What Inspires You?

I love artisan produced goods. Handmade products have soul.

Are All Your products fair Trade?

Although we have a large range of fair trade goods, not everything we do
fits this criteria. For example, the Mexican oilcloth is made in a small
factory in Mexico - we've been there several times and know the working
conditions are great.

We also use the oilcloth to manufacture goods in
Australia and we choose to use autistic and disabled adults to do our sewing for us in Sydney. This fits our criteria of ethically sourced.

We love being able to manufacture in Australia and by employing a
marginalised group of Australians who are talented and have a lot to offer,
they just need extra support.

The following pictures outline a few of the products this beautiful home decor boutique offers.

Mexican Oilcloth Products:

Look at these cool and fun Lunch Bags. $14.95

These Mexican Oilcloth Nesting Pots look fabulous with herbs in them. $12-$15

How gorgeous are these place mats?

Jenny Krauss

I love these bright colorful Jenny Krauss cushions and bags. Made by artisans in the peruvian highlands the cushions would really brighten up a room or bed.

Haitian Metal Art Sculptures

Can you believe these magnificant metal wall art sculptures are made out of 55 gallon oil drum cast offs? Each piece is individually made and signed by the Haitian artist. Totally unique!

Metooplease also has many more beautiful bags, belts, buckets, aprons etc. This home decor boutique can be found at www.metooplease.com.au.

These products make for great interior home decorating ideas and would also make marvellous gifts.

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