Home Decor Wall Art

home decor wall art

Home Decor Wall Art will show you the many different types of wall art that you can use to liven up your walls.

The types of wall art I have included are all removable and provided you are careful, will not hurt your walls.

Home Decor Wall Art Choices

1. Wall Stickers

These are a wonderful removable wall art idea for instantly giving a room lift and adding personality. They are easy to stick onto a wall and most importantly they do not damage the wall....Ideal for Renters!

They are usually sold flat or in a roll and they can either be simply peeled and stuck onto your wall, or as is the case with Wallies stickers, immersed in water and then placed up on a wall.

The other great thing about removable wall stickers are that they can be placed on many other surfaces other than walls. Discover some great ideas for using wall stickers by clicking on my links below......

2. Fabric Wall Art

This is a really fun wall art idea. It is super easy, fun and adds color and character to a wall.

It simply involves spraying a homemade starch solution (you can make at home) onto fabric and then sticking the fabric up onto the walls. A way of adding wallpaper but without the huge expense.

This is a cheap decorating idea and lots of fun...

3. Home Made Posters

These are perhaps the most well known way to decorate a room especially children's, teenagers and dorm rooms.

Check out these cool poster ideas.....

  • Make Your Own Word Art Mini-Posters.
  • Laminated Posters.
  • Children's Drawings As Decorative Posters.

4. Canvas Wall Art

You can create your own canvas wall art, buy canvas wall art or even get your own photographs put onto canvas.

Canvas Wall Art: Find Wall Art You Love
Cheap Canvas Wall Art: Create Your Own Using Photo's.
Colorful Canvas Art - Create Your Own Canvas Wall Art

5. Framed Pictures

Framed pictures have long been the way to add interest and panache to walls. Whether they be, elaborate gold frames, wooden frames, colorful frames, metal or even mixed media frames, they will all add personality to your rooms.

Ideas To Think About When Framing.

  • What To Think About When Framing A Picture.
  • Hanging Framed Pictures - Different Positions

6. Special Custom Made Wall Art

This idea would make a great 21st, 40th, 50th or 70th birthday present. Find out more....click on birthday gifts for husband, 40th...

7. Other Types Of Wall Art

This section shows that wall art can also include hanging china plates, metal objects and also shows how you can arrange and put together different types of wall art for one overall affect.

Home Decor Products

This page details the wonderful array of products out in hardware, homeware and craft stores, that allow you to hang pictures, posters etc up on your walls and most importantly NOT DAMAGE them.

The following are Home Decor Wall Art Products I have used in our rental home. I am not being paid by these companies....I just think it is useful to know what products are out there and whether they are any good or not.

  • Command 3M Products

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