Home Organization Tips

Are your cupboards filled to over flowing? Is clutter getting you down? Check out these home organization tips, so you can feel re-energised and back in control.

Working fulltime at present and trying to study fulltime as well means my house is in dire need of decluttering. I have cupboards I just shut the door on, just to keep things from falling out, my bookshelves are shocking and my hallway cupboard is a disaster. 

But holidays are wonderful and they are a time I really look forward to, as I can re-organize my home. I know that seems kind of strange, but I actually find it very therapeutic to declutter and make things tidy.......'Lock me Up NOW!!!!" I hear you say.

Home Organization Tips

Tip 1. Start by deciding which room or part of the house is the most urgent. In other words what is annoying you the most.

Tip 2. If you love music, put on some bouncy music, sing and dance and it will put you in a good mood to make a start. My favourite at present is Ricky Martin.'...Ole...Ole....Ole!'

Products You Can Use:

Depending on what you want to organise, whether it is a room, a book shelf or even a hallway cupboard, sometimes particular home organizing products are called for:

  • contact in your favourite colours.
  • electrical tape in various colours to suit contact
  • cheap plastic containers to store bits and pieces in.
  • White sticky labels
  • Black permenant marker
  • magazine folders
  • cane baskets
  • wooden boxes e.g.Ikea
  • bricks

Organize Books

I know books are going out of fashion as techno products like 'Kimble' come into fashion, but if you are like me and love books you would know that they sure can get messy and untidy.

BUT! I LOVE BOOKS.......I love the feel and smell of books so I accept that every now and then my overflowing bookshelves will need a clean and tidy.

This page will give you home organization tips for bookcases.

Home Office Storage Organizing

This particular rental home we lived in 1 year ago had no home office which I found REALLY FRUSTRATING so I looked around and thought about what I could do. (I have to tell you I am also one of those people that is arty and crafty so I have lots of 'stuff' to try and organise)

Luckily this particular home did have some really great deep, storage cupboards (unusual for a rental home). Check out how I organised this totally out of control messy cupboard.

Organizing Idea for DVD's

I don't know about you, but I find DVD's really frustrating to organize, sometimes I have them lined up neatly in drawers, sometimes I have tried DVD's towers but as I do not really like my DVD's being on show, this concept did not last long.

Recently we moved into another rental, the best rental I have ever, ever been in. It has so many cupboards and storage space that I literally jumped with joy when my family and I moved in.

This project is my home organization tips for DVD's - 

Bedroom Organizing

As this is a small drawer near a mirror, it would probably be labeled a make up drawer. However my daughter is just 13, and has not quite ventured into this area YET!

We used this technique to organise all the hair accessories etc

Can you work out what kitchen item I used?

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