How To Make Stepping Stones For A Bedroom.

How to make stepping stones for an inside bedroom?

What? I hear you say...Why, would you make stepping stones for a bedroom???

I created these stepping stones for my younger daughters room because she went through a phase where she really wanted to pretend her room had a creek running through it, and she wanted stepping stones to walk on to get to her bed.

I have always tried to foster the creative side of my kids and I love the places their imaginations take them, so read on, to find out how to create your own stepping stones.


An Easy Mix Quick dry concrete, water, felt, paint, plastic plant saucer, varnish.

How To Make Stepping Stones Procedure:

1. I bought 4 plastic saucers that go beaneath plant pots, they only have to be cheap so do not buy expensive ones.

2. Mix up the concrete according to the directions and pour into the plastic saucers. Allow to dry. Depending on the weather this may take a week or more.

3.When dry I painted the stepping stones with a white paint sealer. Paint again when dry.

4. Although I was going to place the stepping stones on carpet, I still wanted to protect our floorboards as much as possible, so I decided to cover the bottom of the steeping stones in felt. It would help stop little toes being too badly stubbed and they would stop the floor being scratched if the stepping stones were pushed off the carpet.

5. I then laid out a piece of felt (I chose a different color for each stepping stone), next I placed the stone on the fabric and traced around it. I drew another circle a further 6-7 cm out from the traced stepping stone circle as I wanted the fabric to be stuck up on the sides of the stepping stone, not just on the bottom. Cut out.

6.Using PVA put lots of glue on base and sides of stepping stone, place stone in middle of felt and push the felt up against the sides of the stepping stone.

7. Do this for each of the stepping stones until all are covered in felt.

8. Now is the fun decorating part.

8. I roped the kids and hubby into this activity. Gave them a pencil, brushes and good quality acrylic paint. I think they did a great painting job and I love the designs they came up with.

9. Once paint is dry, varnish to protect paint.

To start with I had the rug on a diagonal from door to bedroom, but now I have the stepping stones running down the side of the bed. It is amazing where and how they move around the bedroom depending on the game being played.

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