Inexpensive Wall Art
Animal/Flower Mural

inexpensive wall art, home decor wall art

This is my second fabric inexpensive wall art idea. My first attempt involved the removable wall art idea of sticking a few trees on a wall. This attempt is much more elaborate, fun and interesting.

I have always loved the idea of a wall mural. Removable wall paper or ordering a large removable wall sticker is pretty expensive so I decided to use fabric instead.

I began by looking at my daughters room and working out my color scheme. The Ikea billy bookcase I redecorated had pink, white and green colours so I decided to look for fabrics with this color scheme.

I also searched through my fabric scraps box and found a few other complementary fabrics.

I did not really plan my mural, it sort of evolved as I went and my daughter added a few ideas as well.

She adores guinea pigs and thought it would be really 'cute' to have two little guinea pigs touching noses on top of the blue hill. I thought it was a bit corny.....but it is her mural so we gave the idea a go. I found some brown felt fabric and cut out 2 adult guninea pig silhouettes. We then thought it would be fun to add a few babies, and a red love heart.

It actually turned out pretty well and my daughter just loves it. Which after all is what this home decor wall art idea is all about.

Materials Used:

  • fabrics: I sourced from Spotlight, an Aussie materials store (approx $35)
  • spray starch: I made my own, see my home made spray starch recipe.
  • scissors


1. I cut out the hills first and stuck them to the walls. (Just spray starch on the back of the material until it is quite wet. Then stick onto wall and smooth out. You may want a dry sponge to mop up drips.)

2. I then cut out the flowers, stuck them on, then trees, then guinea pigs and other animals. I cut out the suns rays last and then placed them in between the other objects.

This pic shows a close up of the owls and tree.

Really imagination is your only limit......What Can You Create?

home decor wall art, inexpensive wall art

So....What Do You Think? Let me know, add a comment below.

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