Interior Decorating Tools

Why Is An Interior Decorating Tools List Important?

There is nothing worse than starting a Diy Home Project and realizing you do not have all the equipement. It Is Frustrating And Very Annoying!

So you do not make the same mistakes I have done, I have put together a checklist of equipment and materials I have used for all my own home decorating Projects. The list is not exclusive, so add to it if you need.

Interior Decorating DIY Tools CheckList

  1. Cutting Tools: Good quality fabric sissors, good pair of utility scissors for cutting paper, cardboard and even picture wire, hand saw, hack saw, box cutter, craft blades, a small Jigsaw is also very useful.
  2. Measuring Tools: wooden ruler, metal ruler, heavy duty tape measure, T-Square for ensuring pictures are level.
  3. Wall Tools: thumb tacks, noticeboard pins, Command 3M removable velro hooks in a variety of sizes, styles etc, picture hooks and wire, Blue Tack are all items I use a lot.
  4. Sticking Tools: Glue gun & glue gun/sticks (very useful), spray adhesive, PVA wood glue(very useful), Craft glue, staplers, rubber bands, sewing needles & thread, velcro tape for sticking fabric together (sometimes easier and quicker than hemming)
  5. Miscellaneous Tools: black & gold touch up pens, spray paint, acrylic undercoat, sand paper in course and fine, paint brushes (artistic and house in a variety of widths), ribbons, buttons, wooden cutouts, sandpaper, varnish, fabrics, craft papers, screw drivers in various sizes, Allen keys in various sizes, camera, craft mirror glass, good quality acrylic paint in variety of colors.
  6. Enthusiasm: A sense of fun, a love of a challenge, and a DIY persons best attribute: the ability to give 'it-a-go'.

The above items are things I use all the time. You can store them in a tool box, fishing tackle box or in a variety of boxes stacked in a cupboard for your use.

Buying Tools:

When buying tools you generally get what you pay for. The best quality will of course be the most expensive.....BUT....medium priced tools if you use them carefully are usually O.K.

I have never bought the most expensive, usually I make do with cheap to medium priced items. I have been able to accomplish every project on this web site without a problem.

NB: VIP: Always keep receipts in case items have to be returned.


In Australia I have found the most cost effective prices are found at major Hardware stores like Bunnings. Cosgrove has opened here in Australia but I have never bothered with them as I do not want to buy in bulk.

Online: So far I have found and am currently looking for other online stores.

Buying a set like this is quite worthwhile as you get many items that are useful, and it is often cheaper than buying items individually.

A drill is always useful, cordless especially as you do not have to be near a powerpoint to use it.

One of the most useful tools I have used for arts and crafts projects are a small and long metal ruler. Metal because you cannot cut into it like a wooden ruler.

This is the long metal ruler, especially useful if creating cork noticeboards and when you want lengths longer than the standard 30cm.

The Command 3M series of removable hooks are some of the best I have used. These velcro hooks, I have used to hang framed pictures, cork noticeboards etc up on the wall.

Fantastic item for Renters!

These Command 3M Picture Hanging Hooks are also really good to use. I have used these extensively to hang pictures and mirrors.

Remove them Carefully and they will not hurt the wall.

This would have to be one of the most useful items for doing crafts I have ever used. I used it for decorating tincans, and for sticking on shells in decorating lampshades.

Jo Sonja Paints are a good quality medium priced acrylic paint for arts and crafts. I really enjoy using them and have used them for making decorative mirrors in mirror wall art and for the decorative sections on my chalkboards.

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