Interior Design Styles
What Kind Of Style Do You Like?

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Do You Know Anything About Interior Design Styles?

If you are like me and millions of other people probably not. I have lived in a number of different rental homes, taken my new and old furniture here and there, moved my pictures from room to room etc and never given much thought to different interior decorating styles at all.

You can create a lovely home without knowing much about interior design styles.....BUT

.......learning about different styles can help with the over all look, if you are after a particular style or not sure where to start with your decorating.

Styles Of Decorating:

Styles of decorating are generally categorised into:

  • Contemporary
  • Country
  • Dramatic
  • Ethnic
  • Classic

Different interior decorating styles are simply rooms decorated and influenced by a certain period of history, by a particular country, by the combining of certain colors, textures and patterns etc.

Labels have been given to make it easy to sum up a particular style and thus make the lingo universal to all who read and are interested in home interior decorating.

Contemporary Interior Decorating

Contemporary home interior design styles are regarded as the modern 'with it' way of decorating.

Gentle tones of color help create light, airy rooms. Add modern furniture and accessories and you have a calm uncluttered restful contemporary room.

Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

Contemporary Living Rooms

Contemporary Dining Rooms

Country Interior Decorating

Country Decorating Ideas involves creating a casual, warm, inviting country home, that captures the essence of living in the country..fresh air..rolling green fields/paddocks, space etc....even if you are in the middle of a chaotic busy city.

Country room styles are usually soft and incorporate plenty of light.

They combine old and new furniture and appear as though they have been around for many years. They often include many hand painted decorative accessories involving flowers, animals and stencil designs.

Country interior decorating can change depending on the 'country' you are in.

Different Country Styles Include:

English Country Style

Mediterranean Country Style

American Country Style

Scandinavian Country Style

Australian Country Style

Dramatic Interior Decorating

Room styles known as the Dramatic Style are usually flamboyant with vibrant use of color.

They often have richly painted walls, murals and tromp L'oeil paintings.

Accessories are used to create a strong visual impact. This is a room style that says.."Hey! Look at me!"

Imagination is your only limit with these interior design styles.

Dramatic Bedroom Ideas

Dramatic Dining Rooms

Dramatic Living Rooms

Ethnic Interior Decorating

These interior design styles convey a relaxed look which incorporates other cultures. It creates a 'world traveler' look, even if you have never traveled overseas.

With all the great retail stores that abound today you can create the look without ever traveling to these far flung countries for great looking and authentic accessories.

Ethnic styles can incorporate Japanese style rooms, African, French, Mexican, Mediterranean etc. You can decorate your rooms with one influence or incorporate a few different elements.

Classic Interior Decorating

If you hear someone say "That is such a classic style' it usually refers to something sophisticated, elegant, formal and of an older style era.

Classic Decorating A Bedroom

Classic Dining Room Ideas

dining room ideas, classic decorating

Classic Living Rooms

decorating ideas for living room, classic decorating

So What Do I do Now?

Have a look through the different interior styles, and see if there is anything you like and would like to incorporate in your own home decorating.

Some of the photo's are mine of family and friends homes, I have also sourced many photo's from Flickr. When searching for photo's my main aim has been to find realistic images that can be created by 'us' renters and those of us on 'budgets'. I examine each photo and then give ideas on how you can accomplish this style.

Generally speaking even if you rent, by being selective with accessories and being creative and thinking outside the box, you can create a room in any style.

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