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Unique Interior home decorating ideas can be as simple as buying a beautiful and unusual lamp. Most lamp shades are plain and pretty typical from store to store. Finding a lampshade that has humour, quirkiness and personality is a FIND indeed!

The following lamps have all these attributes; unusual, unique and are made by an Aussie girl Rachel Burke.

Rachel is a mum of two young children. She manages to combines her business idea with freelance graphic work and raising her young children.

I contacted her hoping she may like to answer some questions and give me a bit of background info behind Patturn Studio.

Rachel was wonderful and gave me full answers to all my questions.

Read below to find out how an accident and a bit of playing around began a creative and unique business.

Work from home ideas are out there - sometimes all it takes is a 'light-bulb' moment.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea was born out of total frustration! Sometimes when you're trying to do one thing, a lightbulb goes off and you end up going in a totally different direction. This was one of those cases. I was trying to recycle old fabric and cover a lampshade but the vintage print wouldn't marry well with the shade shape. So I pulled out old sewing pattern paper (again, to recycle it) and thought I'd draft up a new pattern.

But I was instantly attracted to the sewing pattern itself, the vintage writing, the crazy symbols and random lines, the colour and feel of the paper.

I quickly ditched the fabric and started researching decoupage and paper mache techniques. The first few prototypes were a total experiment, but I was excited to see the outcome. When they sold fairly quickly, I was encouraged to keep going.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Lamp Shade?

It's hard to say because I never just complete one from start to finish, I usually do them in batches, and some are more fiddly than others. Not including drying time it would take at least an hour, some of the really large shades might take a few.

What Inspires You?

I have a passion for history and things from the past, so I'm particularly inspired by random things I find in Opp Shops and second hand stores. I also find inspiration from watching documentaries, or little conversations you might have.

Do you sell to retail stores?

I do, but it can be hard to keep them stocked, so I mostly sell 'by order' online.

'Ballyhoo Art' in Geelong came on board 12 months ago and have been very supportive, and a the 'Reclaimed Room' in Castlemaine have a couple of items too.

I've also joined a fantastic collective called 'Artefact', we've started doing Pop-Up Markets and the response has been amazing. So we're looking forward to the next one on at Geelong's Mill Markets in December.

Phew, I'm exhausted just seeing all that written down in the one paragraph!!

Where Do You Get Your Patterns?

I have a local Op Shop who used to throw out dozens of patterns every week, but I've asked them to save me any that they don't want to sell and in return I bring the ladies biscuits for their afternoon tea!! Apart from that I have friends and family who pass them along, and random lovely people who get in touch and ask if I can use their old patterns, maps or magazines. They don't want to just throw them away & like the fact they are being recycled into something useful.

Do You Sell Internationally? has been a great resource. I highly recommend it to any new start up who creates handmade goods or deals in vintage pieces. Because my shades are so bulky to ship, the extra expense can make it out of reach for some customers overseas but I've been really encouraged by how many people outside of Australia who have ordered and bought my shades.

How Much Are The Lamps?

The lamps range in price from approximately $85 to $200AUD

More Information:

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Don't forget to keep checking back - More interesting interior home decorating ideas and unique, quirky and unusual products coming soon.

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