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Creating Interior Home Decorating Displays is fun and surprisingly easy to accomplish.

We moved into a new rental about 12 months ago and as, is usually the case, it is a matter of cramming everything in, saying goodbye to the removalist, surviving the first week of getting both yourself and kids to school and work......and then the weeks of work begin as you sort out what furniture suits what particular spot and so on.

Taking time to consider your home and its attributes is important when working out what interior home decorating displays you want to create and where you want to place them.

Think about:

  • Where the sun comes through the windows (important when thinking about displays involving beautiful wood tables, which can be effected by the light and heat of the sun)
  • What rooms are dark at what times of the day
  • What areas become thorough fares (no point creating a delicate display using your special crystal tumblers or expensive figurines if it is a place kids will run through without thinking)
  • Bookcases, where will they go? Bookcases are wonderful places to create a display. A bookcase in itself can be its own display.
  • Do you have small display tables? Does your home have built in shelves you could make into a display shelf?
  • Do not forget fire places! They become a central feature of many living rooms....they make a great display area for knick knacks and mirrors.

These pages will outline how you can create interesting displays using:

  • gum nuts
  • ordinary everyday glassware
  • small metal animal objects
  • old bottles found around a country lake
  • vases found in charity stores
  • cheap warehouse objects
  • flowers
  • terracotta pots and so on.

Any objects can become useful for a display. So clean out your cupboards, rummage through charity and discount stores and have fun creating your own unique interior decorating displays.

Check Out These Fun Interior Home Decorating Display Ideas:

  1. Simple Dining Room Display
  2. Decorate A Display Case
  3. Cheap Home Decorating Using Terracotta Pots
  4. Creating A Display For A Front Entrance Hall

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