Texture: Adds Interest To Your Interior Home Decorating Ideas.

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Interior home decorating ideas can start as simply as taking a walk through a beautiful park or lovely bushland area.

I could not resist adding the picture at the top, as it clearly shows how texture is all around us. I really love the rusty old gate, combined with the smooth concrete columns, shiny lush grass, leaves and trees.

It reminds me of the Children's Book 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Burnett - the gate has an air of mystery and imagination, step forward, sneak through the gap and enter...if you dare....

Understanding how texture works when starting with your own interior home decorating ideas is very important as texture in combination with color and pattern creates interesting rooms.

To interact with our world we use our 5 senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch). The senses of touch and sight are important for creating a home full of character, personality; our escape from an often busy world.

Texture can be smooth/rough, shiny/dull, soft/hard, thick/thin.

When you incorporate texture, colour and pattern into your interior home decorating ideas, have fun, play around with different furnishings, different surfaces, different periods of furniture until you get the affect you are after.

So What Exactly is Texture?

Using texture in our interior home decorating ideas brings a room alive, it adds interest. If our rooms were all full of shiny, well polished surfaces, they would become boring and uninteresting.

To gain an idea of how texture works go for a walk in a beautiful garden or bushland setting, you will see the delights of texture everywhere. From the long stringy shards of bark that drape from a tree, to shiny eucalyptus leaves, the smooth surface of a lake/river, the dull browns of dried leaves scattered over the ground, to sparkles of dew lighting up a spiders web.

Types Of Textural Surfaces Often Found In Our Homes:

texture pic, interior home decorating ideas

Smooth: stainless steel ovens, dishwashers, fridges, bench tops, glassware, glass vases, wooden cupboards, floorboards, lino etc

Rough: colonial style wooden furniture, sculptures, carpet, embroidered cushions, seagrass/sisal matting, gumnut/flower/plant folliage

By combining a clear smooth glass with the rougher texture of a bunch of lovely gumnuts, interest is created. The glass does not have to be expensive, and the gumnuts can be easily found walking through the bush, or in a beachside suburb. I actually found mine walking along a footpath at Phillip Island.

Interesting things can be found anywhere.....just look!

interior decorating home ideas, textureand pattern

Shiny: glassware, vases, stainless steel, small decorative objects, windows, metallic lamp bases, clock faces, contemporary metallic lights,

Dull: brick walls, slate floors and chimneys, earthenware pottery, cardboard storage boxes, some wooden furniture,

This interior home decorating idea shows how flat dull slate, shiny warm wood and glass, along with a couple of ornanments sitting on a flat white surface can all work together.

interior home decorating ideas

Soft: cushions, bed coverings, throw rugs, curtains, carpets

Hard: Floorboards, metal or wooden furniture, sculptures, ornaments, picture frames, wooden venetian blinds, slate/stone fireplaces, walls

A lovely wooden rocking chair with a soft throw rug draped over the back...both texturesoffset one another.

interior home decorating, texture and pattern interior home decorating ideas, pattern and texture

Thick: Lush plump thick carpets, bathroom towels, bedding, wool blankets, throw rugs, cushions

Thin: mats, rugs, curtains, venetian blinds, roman blinds, glassware,

These two pictures illustrate how having different types of art can work together. A thin A4 childs paper picture of a flamingo and a wide canvas mixed media picture can each create interest. If all artwork looked the same, in width, height, and media, it would be boring.

Interior Home Decorating Ideas Tip 1. Do not be shy of hanging children's artwork, selected pieces can add a lovely modern touch to a home. Kids love to see their work hung up...gives them a sense of pride and a feeling that they are part of the home in which they live.

Using Texture In Your Home

interior home decorating ideas, texture I had a small wooden set of drawers that sat along side our slate fire place. To add interest I placed my husbands smooth, shiny glass chess set on top, and included a brass lamp in one corner. The different textural elements of wood, glass and brass all work together.

The chess set also adds a bit of personality to our room, and it is a game my hubby and kids love to play.

This is a lovely little glass cabinet I got from my parents. Being a Cancerian with a great love of family and family history...I love the fact that it has been used by family members long ago.

But what to do with it?

To provide contrast to the polished wood I added some of my favourite home decorating magazines to the shelf, inside the cabinet I added a few precious items of glassware, on top I added a couple of cute brown metal ants (which my kids gave me, one birthday) and a simple glass jar with my lovely gumnuts inside.

I often like to add something quirky to my rooms or displays...in this case I placed 'Maximus' my metal millipede underneath.

Interior Home Decorating Ideas Tip 2. NEVER be afraid to experiment and put a little bit of your own personality into the mix.....you are not trying to create 'the perfect magazine look' be creative, have a bit of fun....if you do not like the mix of textures continue to play until you are happy.

interior home decorating idea, texture

This pic is not an interior display, but it does clearly show how texture can be used outside as well as inside.

The slate chimney is contrasted with the different colours, shapes and textures of the cacti, the pot, the rough bark mulch and the rough piece of bark leaning against the wall.

Now the plants are beginning to grow and offshoot, the old dry boring chimney garden bed is becoming a bit more interesting. Cacti are also a good choice if you are a little like me in that you run out of time to water..and end up killing more plants than you plant.

If you want to find out how I put this garden display together click on cheap decorating ideas.

Now is the time to take this new way of looking, go home, look touch and feel your furniture, cushions, ornaments and mix and match to create your own homes full of life, interest and texture.

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