Jewellery Tree Stand

This totally cool and funky jewellery tree stand was an idea of my elder daughters. 

This is a really cheap decorating idea with a natural look.

  • Find a natural tree branch with a shape you like.
  • Buy a bottle from a discount store and add some stones for weight, or the bottle will fall over. (I just happened to have an old Nescafe coffee jar that I decided to use to keep the cost down)
  • Put in the tree branch, trimming any branches that don't fit.
  • Then it is just a matter of adding all your necklaces, bracelets etc

Other Ideas To Jazz Up The Jewellery Tree Stand

  • Spray paint the branch with a bright colour.
  • Choose a funky, bright coloured bottle.
  • I chose stones that were in my back yard, but discount stores have some funky bright coloured stones that would look really cool.
  • The glass jar could be covered in a montage of magazine pictures to add vibrancy and colour.
  • Spray paint the bottle with a colour you like.
  • Mix a few christmas decorations in with the necklaces for extra sparkle.

Other Uses 

  • Add christmas decorations from the branches.
  • Hang, hanging ear rings from the thin branches
  • Make it into a 'friendship tree' -  friends that come over could write their name on a slip of paper, then a hole could be punched into the card, add ribbon and tie to tree.

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